Metamorphosis Guidelines for Submitting Papers

title of journal Metamorphosis


The College of Arts and Sciences will submit two outstanding student works for inclusion in Metamorphosis every year starting in 2010.

Due date for submitting papers: End of semester

Summary Document to include:

Document in MS Word

Title this document with your last name and school acronym (for ex: Bill Smith at UMW title of his Summary Document smithumw).

In this document please list the following in this order:

Title of Presentation


Faculty mentor(s)


200-250 word abstract (submissions over the 250 word limit will be edited).

Brief (2 sentence) biographical entry indicating hometown/city, academic major and current post-graduation plans

Research Document Requirements:

Actual paper

MS Word or as a PDF

Title this document with your last name, school acronym and the letters RD

On the first page, include paper’s title, author(s), faculty mentor(s) and school name

Document should be single spaced text with 1” margins, 12 pt. font, and a maximum of 10 single-spaced pages.

All references are to be organized as end notes.

Completed documents email to Betsy Lewis