Study Abroad

UMW in Japan
Zen & the Arts in Kyoto

This program introduces the history and doctrines of Japanese religions and focuses on the unique art forms of Zen Buddhism, which not only exemplify enlightenment but also function as complete paths to its attainment. These include garden design, bonsai tree cultivation, sumi-ink painting and calligraphy, prose and poetic composition, and the tea ceremony.  Students will have the opportunity to visit sites such as Nishiki Market, Todai-ji Temple, Nara Museum, Saiha-ji & Koju-en Shohin Garden, and many more locations. Click here for more information.

UMW Exchange Program
Akita International University

By studying at the Akita International University (AIU) students will have the unique opportunity to expand their liberal arts education in Akita prefecture in the Tohoku region of northern Japan. Founded in 2004, AIU is a four-year undergraduate college where all courses (except foreign language) are taught in English and focus primarily in the areas of Global Business, Global Studies, Japanese Language and Japan Studies.  The university is situated close to ski areas, scenic hiking opportunities, and the Sea of Japan coastline and is easily accessible from Akita International Airport with flights to Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido. The university organizes various events, activities, and field trips providing students with hands-on experience in Japanese culture. Click here for more information.

Outgoing Program CET Japan

This program gives students an amazing opportunity to learn Japanese with communicative competence through CET’s intensive courses. Students will improve their Japanese skills with a Japanese language pledge and local Japanese people for roommates, all in the backdrop of the unique Osaka culture. For more information, please check CET Japan  and their digital brochure. You can also consult with UMW Visiting language instructor Rina Okada who used to teach at CET Japan.