Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy photoCaitlin Murphy

Position: Senior Program Associate in Post Production at PBS.

Field: Media

Thesis: I Am Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. Xunling: The Many Faces of the Empress Dowager Cixi in Qing Court Photography.

Graduated: 2012

I have always loved history, but I decided to become a history major after taking my first Asian Civilizations course my freshman year. I spent the rest of my college career doggedly taking every Chinese history class I could fit into my schedule. In my current job, I work on packaging programs; this means creating the video elements outside of the body content (production credits, funding pods, etc). In addition to frequent Science and History programs, we also work on some drama programs, such as Vicious and The Great British Baking Show. Although my job has little to do with Chinese history, video post production requires an extreme attention to detail, strong proofreading and editing skills, organizational skills, and strong writing and communications skills. These are all skills that I learned and honed while studying history at Mary Washington. If I could do it all again I would, in a heartbeat.