Student Attends Virginia Association of Museums Conference

At the end of Spring Break I was able to attend the Virginia Association of Museums Conference in Hot Springs, Virginia, at the Homestead Resort. The resort, founded in 1766 was beautiful and was a beautiful setting for this conference. This annual conference brought together many of Virginia’s museums for a collaboration and exploration of key topics in the museum world. I was able to attend several interesting talks covering topics from disaster planning to dressing mannequins with historic costumes- a process that really is an art form in itself. I was also able to attend a session focused on, the not so interesting yet crucial aspect of the resume and the interview. It was helpful to hear from professionals on what they look for in potential employees. The conference also offered an expo of museum industry vendors, such as a mannequin company as well as a design group who produces exhibits, to a moving company that specializes in moving collections. Overall the conference was a great experience, filled with new topics and information as well as the opportunity to network with current museum professionals and to gain invaluable insights and advice. Thank you to the Center for Historic Preservation for this wonderful opportunity.

-Jenniffer Powers

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