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The Historic Preservation department is proud to present the board game "Plunked". The students of the Preservation Planning Lab have been working hard all semester and invite you to join them on Wednesday, April 25th to try out their new game. The event will be held in Combs 004 at 5pm with refreshments. … [Read more...]

Sonja Ingram

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Historic Kitchen Enthusiasts Converge on Combs Hall

ON February 18th, 2012, the historic preservation department hosted its first Mini-Symposium on Historic Virginia Kitchens. The official title, 'Research perspectives on Historic Virginia Kitchens: Architecture, Slavery & Interpretation" became a platform through which preservation faculty, students, alumni and research enthusiasts could share with each other and the general public their expertise regarding historic kitchens. The morning began with the newly-returned Professor Doug Sanford sharing his research on urban slave kitchen architecture and archaeology in Charleston, South Carolina. Professor Sanford explained how the architectural and archaeological evidence of urban kitchens in Charleston had been largely destroyed due to the socioeconomic changes occurring in the area over the past 50 years. Professor Sanford also explained how archaeological clues give insight to the lifeways of slave cooks. Professor Kelley Deetz from Randolph College then took the stage to … [Read more...]


Come one, come all! On February 18th the Historic Preservation department will be hosting a mini-symposium called "Research Perspectives on Historic Virginia Kitchens: Architecture, Slavery and Interpretation". It will be held in Combs 237 starting at 10 AM and ending at 4 PM with a tour of the Mary Washington House kitchen led by Professor Spencer! There will be three paper presentations from Professor Sanford, Professor Kelley Deetz (from Randolph College) and Chris Young & Erika deBroekert with time for questions and answers. Afterwards a mac-and-cheese cook off will occur which you won't want to miss. If you would like to participate and win a prize or bragging rights, please contact Sharon Hale or Prof. Smith. But be aware that there are not full kitchen facilities in the department, so only crock pots and microwavable items can be preheated prior to lunch. We are looking for each person's dish to feed about 6 people. Make sure you put this wonderful day full of fun and food … [Read more...]