Southeast Museum Conference

This November, I had the chance to attend the Southeast Museum Conference annual meeting. The meeting was held in Williamsburg, Virginia at the Williamsburg Lodge. The meeting lasted three days and over 500 museum professionals attended. Throughout the course of the conference I attended seven sessions covering: collections and digital questions, design ideas every museum professional should know, care of historic houses, exhibit fundamentals, how to approach large projects, how to maximize volunteer output, and how to write conditions reports. Through these sessions, I was able to increase my knowledge of the workings of museums and what it takes to be successful in the museum profession. I was also able to form good connections, through networking, with professionals in a plethora of museums from a myriad of places, which will help me when I am searching for internships and jobs. This conference is recommended for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the museum profession. I want to thank the Center of Historic Preservation and the Department of Historic Preservation for allowing me the opportunity to attend this meeting.

-Christine Clements

You can visit for more information about the conference.

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