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Status Update: University of Mary Washington Preservation Plan

Recent events concerning the Master Plan have been very encouraging. Over the recent winter break, Professor Sanford was notified by President Hurley that the administration was interested in working with preservationists to create a Preservation Plan in an effort to address concerns voiced by UMW students and alumni. While this is a very positive step, nothing has been written in stone at this point. It is also important to note that this plan is not to take the place of the current proposed Master Plan, but rather outline a course of action and possible recourse when or if the two plans come into conflict. Such a plan will have a number of components including campus and building histories, design evolution and context, significance statements, and guidelines for interventions and new construction. A steering committee, appointed by President Hurley, will help guide this effort with Assistant Professor Andrea Smith of the Department of Historic Preservation being appointed to … [Read more...]