New Historic Preservation Department Website Unveiled

Welcome to the new HISP website!

After many years of obsolescence, the old system is finally being retired. The new site does away with the broken links and important information hidden in various sub-sub pages. No more searching through page after page to find the piece of information you need, only to realize what’s there is years old! Instead, the new system has been streamlined and reorganized to make navigation intuitive. Some of the new features include:

– A completely reorganized “major requirements” page. You can search for a course and see how it fits in your graduation plan on a single page, and pdfs of syllabi are accessible directly from both the course list and the diagram. Ditto the scholarships: all the info you need on a single page.

– The Job Bank is now much easier to search through thematically, and you can also look for jobs geographically in the embedded Google map.

– Because the new system is much more flexible than the old, we can now actually post news and events as they take place. The website can also continually be improved with new features. Already, we’ve posted the Department Newsletters. Two features to be added in the near future are photo galleries and student work. Please check back often to see what’s happening!

If you have ideas on how the site should be improved, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Think we did a horrible/wonderful/pathetic/just OK job? Let us know!

Please bookmark the site, and enjoy our foray into the 21st century!


Dr. Smith, Webmistress
The Web Design Team: Emily Morton, Melissa Ford & Danny Messplay


  1. Looks great guys! Next move, making the display case a giant iPad. I will put in a bid.

  2. Yay, I love the new UMW HISP website. It looks great. I always follow what the department is up to, and it never ceases to make me proud to be a graduate of the program. Great job!

    -Kaitlin, Class of 2006

  3. Judith A Robinson says:

    None of my links to your Fredericksburg, Virginia Research Resources are working and as I’ve noticed that you have re-worked your website I’m hoping that you can give me some information as to whether or when this valuable online resource will be available again. the following is an example of pertinent information I found at Fredericksburg Resources. The people involved are my ggrandparents and the in-law of my ggrandmother’s sister. My Robinson line goes back to my ggrandparents Henry Robinson and Sarah Ann Faulconer, for whom I’ve found several land transactions. Willis Robinson, named below, is one of their sons.

    Transcription of text
    Tract Named:Brown Front; Acreage: 22 acres; Where Recorded: Book:XX, Page:377; Date:4 Nov 1882; Recorded: 6 Nov 1882; Kind: B&S; Transaction: E W Harrison Jr to W L Robinson.

    Book:XX; Page:377

    Date:4 Nov 1882; Recorded: 6 Nov 1882

    It’s my guess that this transaction is between Willis Robinson & Edgar W Harrison for the following reasons: Willis Laurence Robinson is the only W L Robinson enumerated in Spotsy in 1880, when he & Olivia were enumerated within two or three Dwellings of a few of his siblings. Olivia’s parents apparently lived quite a distance away as they are enumerated almost 40pp later.Edgar W Harrison is the father in law of Olivia’s sister Mag, who married William Harrison. Edgar & his wife Anna Maria are enumerated in Spotsy in 1880. In 1888 Olivia writes in her Journal that a man from NY wants to buy their property; Willis wants to sell, she says, but she writes, “I am opposed.”

    Web Address

    I’ve found many more events involving friends and family members of the Robinsons and included them in my family tree, thanks to your Research website. I very much appreciate that it has been available to people like me and hope it will be available again soon.


    Judith A Robinson

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