Student Research

All MSGA students complete a 6-credit capstone project, designed to show that they can carry out a significant independent research project. Below is a list of projects completed since the program started, organized by year and noting the advisor.

Students are encouraged to publish their capstone papers at Eagle Scholar, UMW’s repository of research.

Some students have also published interactive maps:

Jessica Towell: Web GIS for the Planning and Operations of Search and Rescue

DJ Berry: Explore Montpelier – LiDAR Feature and Raster Relief Models

Name Title Advisor Year
Chritton, S. Drew Harmful Algal Bloom Detection and Analysis in Small Water Bodies using Multispectral Remotely Sensed Imagery: A case study of Lake Anna, Virginia Marco Millones 2022
Marisa Payne A Python-based ArcGIS Toolbox for modeling the effects of climate change on birds: an application on the Black-throated Blue Warbler (Setophaga caerulescens) Brian Rizzo 2022
Snell, Gillian The Utility of Spatialized Qualitative Data in Exploring LGBTQ+ Perceptions of Safety at the University of Mary Washington Stephen Hanna 2021
Alessi, Marissa River Dredge Detection Marco Millones 2021
Dail, Sarah Vulnerability to Naphthalene Exposure in the United States Marco Millones 2021
Disla, Carlos Do Factors that Influence the Loss of Wetland Area in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Mirror those Driving Global Wetland Decline? Marco Millones 2021
Fennell, Emily Analysing Aerosols and Severe Weather Event Occurrences across the Contiguous United States Marco Millones 2021
Gostelow, Blake The Impact of Population Change on Recruitment and Sampling in Volunteer GIS: A Study Using the Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas Marco Millones 2021
Lee, Christopher Predictive Modeling of Utilities Assets Marco Millones 2021
Savaria, Eric Linking Irrigation to Landslides in Franklin County, Washington Marco Millones 2021
Waggoner, Amanda The Geography of Black Racial Narratives in Media in Washington, D.C.: A Comparison of The Prince of Popville and The Washington Post Marco Millones 2021
Kean, Kaitlin Climate Ecosystem Modeling through Machine Learning Brian Rizzo 2021
Lehane, Matthew Spatiotemporal Analysis of Transit Accessibility in Fredericksburg, Virginia Ping Yin 2021
Towell, Jessica Web GIS for the Planning and Operations of Search and Rescue Missions Ping Yin 2021
Chandler, Jordan Evaluation of Spatial Accessibility to Community Resources in order to Promote Successful Integration into Permanent Housing After Homelessness Ping Yin 2021
Williams, Susan Narrowing the Search for Clandestine Graves and Surface Depositions Using Site Suitability Geospatial Analysis Stephen Hanna 2020
Ryan, Michael Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Vegetation Assessments: A Comparison of Per-Pixel and Object-Based Classification Methods Marco Millones 2020
Gatens, Will Spatiotemporal Forecasting Analysis of Violent Events in Syria – Integrating statistical software with GIS to forecast future Violent Events in Syria Brian Rizzo 2020
Maple, Rob Creating Management Efficiencies with Web-based Geographic Information Systems on the Fredericksburg, Virginia Trails Ping Yin 2020
Schaffer, Steve A comparison between potential and actual measures of spatial accessibility to primary health care and an investigation of the socioeconomic impact on their discrepancy Ping Yin 2020
Cleary, Summers GIS and field-based methods modeling the distribution of the worm-eating warbler: applied methods for enhanced natural resource conservation management Stephen Hanna 2019
Davis, E-B Geovisualizing the religious terrain of Fredericksburg, VA Stephen Hanna 2019
Bentley, John Land Cover and Elevation Change Due to Mountaintop Removal Mining in the Hobet 21 Coal Mine, West Virginia Marco Millones 2019
Berry, DJ Analysis of LIDAR to Visualize and Understand the Archaeological Landscape of James Madison’s Montpelier Marco Millones 2019
Kristensen, Simon Analyzing Spatial Patterns of Growth in American Cities Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data Marco Millones 2019
Phoebus, Laura An Evaluation of Land Cover Change in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Using Landscape Metrics and Landscape Pattern Analysis Marco Millones 2019
Gregory, Meredith Climate Ecosystem Modeling Brian Rizzo 2019
Cate, Colin Using geospatial analysis to assess healthcare accessibility and facility crowdedness within the Kutupalong-Balukhali Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s bazar, Bangladesh Ping Yin 2019
Lafleur, Richard Gravesite Preservation: The Design and Implementation of a Web-based Geographic Information System for Cemeteries Ping Yin 2019
Safarik, Justin A Spatiotemporal Assessment of Anthropogenic Influence on the Yamuna River in Delhi, India Ping Yin 2019
Hooks, Kristine The Geographic Distribution of Recent Benthic Foraminifera off the North American Atlantic Coast: A Web-based Geovisualization Stephen Hanna 2018
McPhail, Peter Conceptualizing the counterinsurgency: a historical GIS of the Marines in the Dominican Republic from 1917-1919 Stephen Hanna 2018
Keplinger, Katie Using Modis Fire Detections as a Means for Tracking Boko Haram Village Burnings Marco Millones 2018
Snyder, Jacob Multitemporal Analysis of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Phoenix, AZ Marco Millones 2018
Bergstresser, Sarah Application of least-cost path analysis for a U.S. Route 29 bypass around Charlottesville, Virginia Brian Rizzo 2018
Slyer, Gelisa A Spatial Analysis of crime in Washington DC from 2008-2015: Brian Rizzo 2018
Bernhardt, Gerard Is Broadband Access Predicted by Demographics Brian Rizzo 2018
Petroff, Christopher Creating Efficiencies with Geographic Information Systems at Stafford Regional Airport Brian Rizzo 2018
Seay, Stephanie Exploration of Urban Greenness and Low Birth Weight in Atlanta, Georgia Ping Yin 2018
Chadduck, Colin Study of Night Time Lights: Continental United States, 2003-2013 Jackie Gallagher 2017
Dawes, Nathan Visualizing Historic Mount Vernon: A Geospatial Landscape Marco Millones 2017
Rabatin, Paul Situational Awareness Visualization Emergency Management Environment Brian Rizzo 2017
Rodenberg, Clare The Holdridge Life Zone System Testing the Sensitivity of a Climate-Vegetation Model Brian Rizzo 2017
Larsen, Carl A Qualitative Study of Socioeconomic Mapping Values and Preferences by Different Organizations in Norfolk, Virginia Stephen Hanna 2016
Moulton, Chris Modeling Relative Past and Future Sea-level in the Potomac Estuary through CO-OPS Tidal Station-Centered Spatiotemporal Analysis Brian Rizzo 2016
Johnson, Andrew Spatial Analysis of Real Estate Valuation in the City of Fredericksburg Brian Rizzo 2016
Lowzik, Jocelyn Geospatial Analysis of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s (REC) Power Outage Events Ping Yin 2016
Wheaton, Kelley Analyzing Spatio-temporal Patterns of Birth Weight in Georgia: Demographic and Environmental Associations and Epidemiological Modelling Ping Yin 2016
Young, Bryce A GIS Roadmap for Strategic Conservation in the George Washington Planning District Ping Yin 2016