Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required for admission to the MSGA program, whether a student is applying as an undergraduate (into the 4+1 program) or as a graduate student.

This page is written for applicants so that they know who to ask for a letter and what kind of information must be included in a letter. Applicants should share this information with letter-writers.

At least one letter should be written by someone who knows your GIS skills. This might be a recent professor or an GIS internship supervisor or your GIS workplace supervisor.  The other letter may be written by a non-GIS specialist, but must be by another professor, workplace supervisor, or a professional contact who knows your work. It should not be from a family member, family friend, or a co-worker.

  • The letter must be addressed to the MSGA Admissions Committee and emailed to Ms. Christy Pack in Graduate Admissions (email: dpack@umw.edu)
  • Please write the letter on your organization’s letterhead
  • This letter should describe the applicant’s skills in general terms but will also address:
    • specific techniques the applicant already possesses and what type of work the applicant has completed while working for you
    • the applicant’s ability to work independently
    • the applicant’s ability to do spatial analysis
  • Please also address the applicant’s aptitude for graduate work or potential as a graduate student
  • Please describe YOUR (the referee) familiarity with GIS
  • Can we contact you (the referee) with follow-up questions?