GIS Portfolio

Starting in Fall, 2021, admission to UMW’s Master of Science in Geospatial analysis program will require a GIS Portfolio. Undergraduate students hoping to enter the 4+1 program have the option of providing a portfolio or taking a third GIS course. For regular admission we want to see examples of writing, spatial analysis and cartography.

Why? Our program is designed for students who have already taken at least two GIS courses, or who have experience using geospatial technologies. We see applicants with varied qualifications, and we want to admit students who will succeed.  Being able to see and read an applicant’s work will help us assess their “graduate potential”.

What should be included? We are looking for original work by the applicant. Please include:

  • A writing sample: a project-length paper from a GIS class, or a written report from a GIS work assignment. This will be used to assess the student’s ability to articulate an argument or communicate a set of ideas.
  • At least three maps, with accompanying text to explain the purpose of each, and sources used.
    • One should highlight cartographic ability; it should clearly convey information.
    • One should demonstrate that the student has performed some spatial analysis.
    • One should illustrate some form of problem-solving.
  • More examples of work completed by the applicant would be considered favorably.

What format should it take? A portfolio might be a PDF or a series of slides or even a web page. We are not concerned about the format.