MSGA Course Requirements (30 credits)

Required Courses (12 credits) — All courses are 4 credits

MSGA 510 – Spatial Thinking
MSGA 540 – Modeling and Spatial Statistics
MSGA 555 – Programming for GIS*

*Students who have completed an undergraduate GIS programming course equivalent to GISC 450 prior to matriculation may substitute MSGA 580 for MSGA 555. If MSGA 580 taken as the core, it cannot also count as an elective.

Elective Courses** (12 credits) –Students select 3 of the following; all courses are 4 credits

MSGA 520 – GeoDesign and GeoVisualization
MSGA 550 – Advanced Remote Sensing
MSGA 570 – Geospatial Intelligence
MSGA 571 – Special Topics in Geospatial Analysis
MSGA 580 – Web GIS and Programming

**If approved by a faculty member and the Department Chair, students may substitute 4 credits of MSGA 591 for one elective.

Capstone/Independent Research

MSGA 595 – Capstone Project (1-6 credits)***

***The last 3 credit hours must be taken in the last semester of the program.

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Students must consult with their advisors on capstone projects.