Study Abroad Program in Erfurt, Germany

UMW in Erfurt, Germany

UMW Studenten in BerlinThe Department of Modern Foreign Languages at UMW is cooperating with its partner university in Erfurt, Germany on student exchanges. Located in the state of Thuringia near the Thuringian Forest and the Wartburg Castle, Erfurt lies roughly halfway between Frankfurt and Berlin-about two hours from each city. This bustling city of 200,000 offers a broad range of cultural events, good shopping, and an active nightlife. The surrounding area affords virtually unparalleled outdoor recreational opportunities such as swimming, hiking, running, and mountain climbing.

Summer Course

The University of Erfurt offers a 4-week International Summer Course. Students have 80 hours of German instruction per week. The courses emphasis is on grammar, phonetics, literature, and business German. Students have to have a basic level of German. We recommend, at least, German 102 or higher. In the course students will also explore various aspects of this region with particular emphasis on its art, architecture, local customs, and music. Students will also visit important historic sites, museums, and galleries in Erfurt the surrounding area.

UMW Studenten in ErfurtSemester Exchange

Semester exchanges with the University of Erfurt are open to students with any major. The only prerequisite are at least two semesters of German instruction on the college level (or two years of high school instruction) and a GPA of 2.5. Students receive 12 to 18 credits per semester of study. All courses must be pre-approved by a UMW department chair. Elective credits may be approved by the Center for International Education. Students must receive a “C” or better for courses to transfer. Students will have ample opportunity for contact with German students from the University. Qualified students at UMW as well as from other colleges and universities are invited to apply. Enrollment will be limited.

For more information on administrative procedures to register, see the UMW Center for International Education’s website. For more information on the University of Erfurt, the town, or Germany in general, contact Professor Marcel Rotter:

Why study abroad?

Elsa DeJong, a student of international relations at American University lists the following reasons:

  1. This is a “life-altering experience – one that will change you forever, for the better … You will become a stronger, wiser, and more independent  person.”
  2. “You will become more financially savvy.”
  3. “You will be learning or improving a foreign language. … Knowing a language is becoming an essential ability in the job world. And where best to learn a language than in a country where it is spoken?”
  4. Study abroad experience will make your resume stand out. “It shows that you are a go-getter and a hard-working individual. You’ve gained skills in cross-cultural communication, language, perseverance, and adaptability, all of which are marketable to future employers.”
  5. You will gain friendships for a lifetime, which “will open up a cornucopia of opportunities – especially in your career path.”
  6. Study abroad is “a life-altering experience – one that no one should pass up, and that’s why I had to repeat it in my list. Your perspective will change. Your future plans may change. Change can be the scary thing, but in this case, it is the very best kind of change.”

(after The Language Educator, February 2012, p. 17f. )