Missing You… Info for ‘Covid Spring’

Oh, Geography Majors, we are missing you!

On behalf of all the Geography Department faculty, we hope you are safe and healthy, and that you are coping with the sudden change to online learning. I can confidently say that we are not enjoying it, and personally I am so behind and so inefficient that I may never catch up!

Some information:

If you switch to the new mode of grading and you earn a P-19 (i.e. D or higher), that grade WILL count as a valid GEOG or GISC grade: it will count toward the geography major or the GIS certificate or a minor. It will not impact your GPA.

If you think you will not pass a class, check with your instructor. Your course instructor is in the best position to say whether you will pass the class or not.  If you are not going to pass, you can Withdraw as long as you do so before 5pm on April 24. Withdraw will not impact your GPA, and will not add to your attempted credits.

Go to the Registrar’s page for information on the alternative grading option and how to change to it.

Need to talk it over? Need to know something different? Email me! jgallagh@umw.edu

– Jackie Gallagher