Virtual Visit!

While we are not able to welcome you to Mary Washington’s beautiful campus in person, we have put together some materials to allow you to take a look around our space! Where indicated, the link will take you to an interactive panoramic view of a part of our world.

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    • Friday April 17 at 5:00 pm – Geographic Information Science
    • Monday April 20 at 5:00 pm – Geography
  • For a one-on-one video chat or phone call about the program, email Dr. Jackie Gallagher (Chair)

Printable Handouts are available on the next page!

The Geography Department is located in Monroe Hall, Mary Washington’s first academic building, right in the heart of campus.

Palmieri Plaza (panorama) features the ‘fountain of greatness’ and is surrounded by newly-renovated Willard Hall and being-renovated Virginia Hall. It is named for Geography professor Dr. Richard Palmieri. We spend a lot of time in the plaza (and, in the fountain too!).

Collage of photographs taken in Palmieri Plaza, showing students and faculty engaged in different activities.

Monroe Hall was renovated between 2009 and 2011; wider corridors, better lighting and more versatile classrooms are a feature of Monroe now. The Geography Department is located on the third floor. A central corridor (panorama) features plaques honoring past and present students (we have an awards banquet every spring) as well as bulletin boards displaying poster projects, Geography Club activities, and announcements. An open seating area welcomes students between classes, and the place is bustling when 346 lets out a large class!

Third floor corridor, Monroe Hall, with plaques, posters and people

Most Geography classes are held in Monroe 240 (panorama). It is not uncommon for a Geography Major to occupy the same seat for several hours a week! The room has flexible seating and two whiteboards as well as a giant map of the conterminous USA!

collage of photographs taken in Monroe 240, with students and faculty engaged in different activities.

Geography Majors take both GEOG 110, Weather & Climate, and GEOG 111, Landform Processes. Both are laboratory courses, held in the Physical Geography Lab (panorama) – which is also where Geography Club meetings are held! There are certain “rites of passage” in the physical labs: melting ice with salt to learn about latent heat; heating sand to understand the impact of sun angle; and tipping 1L cylinders by hand to find sediment texture! The Physical Lab also has a stream table, muffle furnace and light table, and is used by students for after hours study sessions.

Monroe 319 is the physical geography laboratory

Our GIS Lab (panorama), in Monroe 320,  has 18 workstations, each with two computer monitors.  Two brand new projectors display class information. A large-format plotter and various map cabinets are also in this room. The wall between 319 and 320 can be raised to create a large, airy space like the original Cartography Lab – remembered as the heart of the department by pre-2009 alumni!

Monroe 320 is our Geographic Information Science laboratory

Geography professor’s offices are spread throughout Monroe, in three different suites. Suite 310 (panorama) currently features the SEDAAG World Geography Bowl, won by an intrepid team of undergraduates who attended the annual Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers (SEDAAG) conference and competed in a geography-bee style competition! Mary Wash Geographers are the largest contingent from Virginia, so although one or two students from other VA schools usually join the team, we bring home the bowl!

Monroe 310 is an office suite.

We have an active Geography Club that plays trivia games, organizes hikes, plans speakers and movie nights, among other things.  The club is open to everyone who has any interest in geography and is run by our students!

Collage of photographs showing Geography Club activities

We are a very welcoming department: we love what we do, we love our students, and we love Mary Wash! Please email Dr. Jackie Gallagher (Chair) if you’d like any information!

A decorative cupcake topped with a heart made out of a map.