Geography Major – Revised for Fall 2022

Geography is the quintessential liberal arts subject, with a broad array of classes that appeal to many different interests!  Enter the major at any level, from any direction: many Geography majors take a class or two to satisfy other requirements and then decide to declare.

Our re-vamped major is a little more structured than previously. The three-course core is taken by all majors; one additional method is chosen from a list of six courses; and then students choose from among three areas of specialization and cap their program with a senior seminar.

Students are required to take one course from each of the three areas of specialization so that they experience something from each. One of these courses has to be at 300-level; there are many that do not have prerequisites. Students then take three additional courses in one area (a total of four in that area, providing real expertise).

Core requirements (11 credits):

  • GEOG 102 Intro to Human Geography (3)
  • GEOG 111 Landform Processes w/lab (4)
  • GEOG 250 or GISC 200 Introduction to GIS (4)

 Method requirement (3-4 credits) choose one:

  • GEOG 352 Quantitative Methods (3)
  • GEOG 363 Qualitative Methods (3)
  • GEOG 365 Field Methods (4)
  • GISC 340 Remote Sensing (4)
  • GISC 351 Spatial Analysis (4)
  • GISC 355 Mobile Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems (4)

 Breadth Requirements (9-10 credits):

Take one course from each of the 3 areas of specialization, at least one being at 300-level.

*GEOG 337 may be counted in one area of specialization only.

Society & Politics Culture Environment
231: Introduction to Planning 101: World Regional Geography 110: Weather & Climate w/lab
236: Globalization & Local Development 221: Geography of Eastern North America 240: Hazards & Resilience
237: Cities 222: Geography of Western North America 241: Biogeography
331: Race & Place in America 301: Geography of Latin America & Caribbean 245: Environment & Society
332: Migration Politics 304: Geography of Middle East 325: Dynamic Climatology
333: Planning Seminar 335: Sacred Spaces 326: Glacial Geomorphology
337: Nature of Cities* 339: Development Studies 327: Climate Change
338: Geopolitics 361: Grassroots Development in Guatemala 337: Nature of Cities*

Specialization Requirements (9 credits)

Take 3 additional courses from one of the areas of specialization, two of which are at 300- or 400-level. For each area, 3 credits of one of the following may be used: GEOG 200 Topics in Geography; 360 Study Abroad; 410 Advanced Topics in Geography; 485 Readings in Geography; 491 Individual Study in Geography; 494 Community Engaged Study in Geography.

Capstone (3 credits): GEOG 490 Senior Seminar in Geography