Defense Intelligence Agency is hiring

The Defense Intelligence Agency is currently collecting applications for an upcoming (July) hiring event – and also for 2020 summer internships.  The closing date for the full-time positions is 20 April, and for internships it’s 4 May.

Most Geography majors would be best suited for the Analysis career field, but if they want to apply for others, they must apply to each separately. We are not asking applicants to apply for specific jobs – only to broad career fields.

An application for a full-time job is pretty simple – it’s basically an expanded resume. I’d encourage applicants to detail their research projects, study abroad experiences, anything that can set them apart from the thousands of other applicants. Relevant internships seem to be big hits with the screeners (including me).

For internships, they are paid. I’m not as familiar with the intern application process but I think it requires a purpose statement.

Jobs and internships are located worldwide. Applicants must be US citizens and pass drug/polygraph screening.

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