Why Study English and English: Creative Writing?

Students may major in English, with the options of concentrating in literature or creative writing, or may minor in linguistics or literature.

Portrait of Student Isobel Rissing

Student Isobel Rissing in Combs Hall

What do the majors in English and English: Creative Writing do for students?

  • They provide the context for intellectual maturity and enhanced creativity.
  • They develop a sophisticated understanding of history, culture, and the human condition.
  • They prepare students for careers that require critical thinking, communication skills, and the capacity to respond to new challenges.

What can graduates with a degree in English do that employers and graduate schools alike find impressive?

  • They can write and speak well.
  • They can think creatively and, in turn, actively create.
  • They can process complex ideas and notice patterns.
  • They can understand multiple perspectives.
  • They can generate questions and pursue their answers through research.
  • They can argue for a particular point of view and evaluate the relative merits of others.
  • They can respond to, refer to, recognize, and rely on a wide array of highly regarded thinkers and artists, a body of knowledge that has organized, guided, and inspired human behavior, through narrative, theory, and critique.

UMW graduates have gone on to a variety of different placements with employers  and graduate schools.