CDS Majors Present at Conference

Congratulations to Christina Brown, Grace Howie, and Olivia Taylor! These senior Communication and Digital Studies majors recently presented at the Virginia Association of Communication Arts and Sciences. … [Read more...]

Academy of American Poets Prize 2018

Congratulations to this year's winner, Kaitlin Lamb, for her poem “Dear Persephone,” and to Sarah Stephen, who was awarded an honorable mention for her poem “A Broken Wishbone Sits in My Palm."  The contest was judged by guest poet James Arthur of Johns Hopkins University.   … [Read more...]

Comm Students Publish Paper

Alexander Clegg and John Guidon, under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Johnson-Young, had their paper "Religion in the Media: A Study of Student Perception of Media Bias in Georgia" published in _Metamorphosis_, the undergraduate research journal of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.  Congratulations on this great work! … [Read more...]

COMM students win grant

Congratulations to Alexander Clegg and John Guidon! Under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Johnson-Young, the two CDS majors have been awarded an Undergraduate Research Grant to visit Tbilisi, Georgia in March in association with their joint individual study, “Religion in the Media in Georgia.” … [Read more...]

Former Student Launches as a Linguist

Congratulations to Sylvia Sierra! She was a UMW special major in linguistics major graduate from 2008 who earned her Ph.D. in linguistics at Georgetown in August 2016. She is now a tenure-track assistant professor teaching discourse analysis in the Communication & Rhetorical Studies Department at Syracuse University. … [Read more...]

Dr. Scanlon Presents on Modern Poets

Accompanied by senior English majors Christina Cox, Shannon Birch, and Bailey Meeks, Dr. Scanlon recently attended the H.D. and Feminist Poetics Conference, where she presented the paper "Charlotte Mew, H.D., and the Magdalen: 'what she did everyone knows.'" The paper examined the Magdalen figures in two poems, not only analyzing the representations of their sexual bodies and the visions they enable for male prophets, but also situating the publications in their wartime contexts, in which the crucified Christ becomes a figure for wounded or sacrificial soldiers. … [Read more...]

Creative Writing Scholarship Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 2015 winner of the Barbara Thomas Phillips Scholarship in Creative Writing, Aeriel Merillat, and to finalists Virginia Dare Cox and Sydney Allen! … [Read more...]

ELC Major Becomes President-Elect

Congratulations to Samantha Worman, who was just elected President of the Student Government Association!  Samantha is a double major in English-Creative Writing and Psychology.  Poetry CAN get you a job, folks.  Good luck, Sam! … [Read more...]

Phillips Scholarship Winners Announced

Many congratulations to Tess McClellan! She is the 2013 winner of the Barbara Thomas Phillips Creative Writing Scholarship. Three cheers as well for the finalists, Virginia Cox and Claire Winkler! … [Read more...]

Academy of American Poets Prize!

Congratulations to Emily Humberson and Josh Roberts, who were chosen as recipients of the 2013 Poetry Society of Virginia's UMW Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets!  And congratulations as well to Lizzie Greene, who was named as the runner-up.  All winners were chosen by poet Catherine McDonald. … [Read more...]