Levy Presents Excerpt, Publishes Story, Edits Magazine Issue

Rachel Levy, Assistant Professor of English, recently presented an excerpt from a novel in progress at The Bitter Laugh, a featured event at the 2019 Lambda Lit Fest in Los Angeles, CA. The Bitter Laugh showcased queer/trans writers of dark comedy, including Ryka Aoki, Charlie Jane Anders, and Megan Milks. Levy's short story “Severin,” a satire of Venus in Furs scholarship, is published in the current issue of The Account. Alongside co-editor Lily Duffy, Levy recently launched Issue Eighteen of Dreginald Magazine. … [Read more...]

Lorentzen Presents Paper at Victorians Institute Conference

Eric G. Lorentzen, Professor of English, contributed a paper, "21st-Century 'American Notes': Charles Dickens and Popular American Culture" at the annual Victorians Institute conference this November in Charleston, SC. This year's conference theme was Transatlantic Influence, and Lorentzen's talk first surveyed quickly the multitude of modern-day Christmas festivals that are grounded in Dickens’ text across this country, before he turned to visual media. He made brief connections with some of the cultural manifestations that obtain on screen, from the fairly obvious A Muppet Christmas Carol, to the far more esoteric connections to be made with seemingly non-holiday fare such as films like The Game, Groundhog Day, and the more recent Disney blockbuster film, Christopher Robin. These connections led to a discussion of the ways in which Dickens’ somewhat Wordsworthian ideas of the crucial formative years of childhood, and the necessary project of philanthropy for social justice in A … [Read more...]

Richards Leads Louisiana Book Festival Discussion of Capote

Gary Richards, Professor of English, led the group discussion of Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory at the One Book, One Festival program of the Louisiana Book Festival held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday, November 2. This particular program was made possible by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. … [Read more...]

Mathur Presents at Women and Indian Shakespeares Conference

Maya Mathur, Professor of English, presented the paper “Desiring Violas in Tim Supple's Twelfth Night and Atul Kumar’s Piya Behrupiya” at the conference Women and Indian Shakespeares: Exploring Cinema, Translation, Performance. The conference was held at Queen’s University, Belfast, from 29 October-1 November, 2019, and is the first gathering of international scholars to focus exclusively on the topic of women and Shakespeare in India. … [Read more...]

Rafferty Publishes Essay, Presents at Rappahannock Writers Conference

Colin Rafferty, Associate Professor of English, recently published an essay on Claude Lanzmann's Holocaust documentary Shoah in the new issue of Wig-Wag, a literary magazine on film edited by UMW graduate Brad Efford. Rafferty also gave a talk on “Writing the Travel and Food Essay” at this weekend’s Rappahannock Writers Conference, sponsored by the Central Rappahannock Regional Library and held at UMW’s Stafford Campus. … [Read more...]

Johnson-Young Publishes Co-Authored Article in the Journal Children

Elizabeth Johnson-Young, Assistant Professor of Communication, has published a co-authored essay "Assessment of Pediatric Residents’ Attitudes toward Anticipatory Counseling on Gun Safety" now available in the peer-reviewed journal Children. This project was completed in conjunction with research colleagues in emergency pediatrics from University of Maryland, Kaiser, and The Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai and is part of a larger set of data and projects. The current publication is the first among a few upcoming publications from the project and presents data and conclusions regarding pediatric medical residents’ attitudes towards anticipatory guidance counseling about firearms and firearm safety. Survey items asked residents about their knowledge of current gun safety campaigns, as well as their own gun safety counseling practices. Overall conclusions are that residents support the idea of counseling patients on firearm safety as part of their anticipatory … [Read more...]

Subramanian Publishes in The Atlantic

Sushma Subramanian, journalist and assistant professor in the Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication, has published a story in The Atlantic about an emerging form of depression in Japan, colloquially called "modern-type depression." In her piece "A ‘Modern’ Depression Is Creeping Into Japanese Workplaces," she explores the work of Japanese scientists studying the social changes that have contributed to this condition.   … [Read more...]

Barrenechea Lectures on Silko at Eastern New Mexico University

Antonio Barrenechea, Professor of English, recently delivered a Skype lecture at Eastern New Mexico University.  Titled "Leslie Marmon Silko’s Council Book: Hemispheric Forces in Almanac of the Dead," it discussed the inter-artistic and inter-American dimensions of an encyclopedic novel by a Laguna Pueblo author.   … [Read more...]

Whalen Publishes in The Journal of Creative Writing Studies

Associate Professor of English Zach Whalen has just published an article in a special issue of The Journal of Creative Writing Studies on "Creative Making as Creative Writing." His article, "The Many Authors of The Several Houses of Brian, Spencer, Liam, Victoria, Brayden, Vincent, and Alex: Authorship, Agency, and Appropriation," is an artist's statement reflecting on how creating a computer-generated book like Whalen's 2017 work The Several Houses of Brian, Spencer, Liam, Victoria, Brayden, Vincent, and Alex invites readers to reconsider the idea of what it means to be an author. Whalen's book draws on several different databases to create an essentially infinite variation on the nursery rhyme "This is the House that Jack Built;" these databases contain the work of hundreds of contributors, so Whalen argues in this article that the novel is best considered a collaboration among many instead of the work of a single individual or computer. … [Read more...]

Crosby Inducted into Athletics Hall of Fame

On September 20, 2019,  Emily Deering Crosby, Assistant Professor of Communication, was inducted into Allegheny College's Athletics Hall of Fame for her lacrosse career before graduating in '06. For more information, see the Allegheny Gators web page on the 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame.   … [Read more...]