Linguistics Minor

The minor program in linguistics is designed to suit those students with strong interest in pursuing a diversified and well-focused course of study in linguistics as a science, a social science, and a member of the humanities.  The minor in linguistics consists of 18 required credits in linguistics. The required courses are as follows:

LING 101: Introduction to Linguistics (3 credits)

LING 301: Introduction to Psycholinguistics (3 credits)

LING 302: Introduction to Sociolinguistics and Anthropological Linguistics (3 credits)

LING 309: Introduction to Phonology OR
LING 311: Introduction to Morphology (3 credits)

Any 400-level Seminar in Linguistics (3 credits)

Any other linguistics course offered through the Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication or alternate as approved by an ELC linguistics advisor.