Honors in ELC

ELC Honors Policy

1) Eligibility: 3.7 GPA in the major (English, English with a concentration in Creative Writing, Communication and Digital Studies, or any special major in the department)

2) Honors Project: An “A” paper or project from an ELC seminar or individual study, with approval of the faculty member who supervised the paper or project. The faculty member may, at his or her discretion, require further work on a graded paper or project before approving it as an Honors Project. The faculty member may also turn down the student’s request for approval of the paper as an Honors Project if the faculty member does not think it is worth Honors. Students intending to apply for honors should consult with the supervising faculty member no later than the day after spring break ends. (December graduates should consult by the day after fall break ends.)

3) Deadline for notification of intent to apply for Honors is the first Friday of April. December graduates should declare intent to apply by the second Friday in November.  Students should send an email to the Chair of the Honors Committee, Professor Rafferty (craffert@umw.edu), with the subject heading “Intent to Apply for Honors” and should send a copy of this to the sponsoring faculty member.

4) No later than the last Friday of classes, students must submit an approval sheet signed by the sponsoring faculty member to the ELC Office Manager. The approval sheet is available for download here: honorsapplform2017. It is important that students work closely with their sponsors throughout April to make sure that the paper is deemed worthy of honors by the sponsoring faculty member.  Note: December graduates should submit the approval sheet by the last day of Fall classes.

5) After this date, students may edit their papers for typos, etc.; however, all work must be completed and the final project must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday of exam week. Before the final deadline, students should give a paper copy to the ELC Office Manager, who will prepare the required cover sheet for each submission and send it directly to the library.  Note: December graduates should submit the final copy by the Friday of exam week in the Fall.

6) In addition, by Friday of exam week, students should provide the following:

  • An electronic copy of a 150-word abstract of their paper. This should include the paper’s title, the name of the sponsoring professor, and information on the course (field, number, and name) or independent study for which the paper was written and should be submitted via email in Spring 2019 to Professor Rafferty (craffert@umw.edu) with subject header “Honors Candidate”;
  • A quality digital photograph, submitted via email to ELC Office Manager Susie Kuliasha (jkuliash@umw.edu) with subject header “Honors Candidate.”  If you wish, you may make advance arrangements with Dr. Rao or Dr. Fallon to have your picture taken before you leave for “dead week.”

The abstract and photo may be displayed at the ELC Reception for Graduating Seniors.  Note: December graduates should submit the above by Friday of exam week in the Fall; it will still be used for the reception at the end of the academic year.


adopted Fall 2003; revised.