Communication (Catalog Info)

Communication (Catalog Info)

Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication

Gary Richards, Chair

Anand Rao, Communication Career Advisor & Director of the Communication & Digital Studies Program



Anand Rao

Assistant Professor

Emily D. Crosby

Adria Y. Goldman

Elizabeth A. Johnson-Young

The Communication Program

Communication courses enhance understanding of and skill in oral communication by introducing students to communication theories and by providing opportunities to practice communication in a variety of settings. Courses on the 200-level are performance courses, kept small to allow for individualized instruction.

Courses on the 300-level offer a historical and theoretical approach to the study of human communication behavior and examine how communication activities affect society. Students interested in more intensive training in persuasive speaking can join the University debate team and receive academic credit for participating in regional and national tournaments.

Students who pursue the Communication and Digital Studies major will develop the critical tools to study and use digital technology to effectively communicate in a dynamic new media environment.  The major provides students with the means to navigate the rapidly changing nature of both communication networks and the world they live in.  The course work in this major focuses on new theoretical directions in the field of digital studies, and provides students with a dynamic understanding of how communication practices currently work through digital means and how those practices can be adapted to meet their future needs.

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