Work and Volunteerism

Volunteering can be an excellent way to develop skills in areas related to your intended career path. It can also enable you to learn more about different career choices and help you make contacts in fields that interest you. Whether you volunteer through COAR (the Community Outreach and Resources program) or work with an organization in the community, there are many opportunities to serve others while developing your own career potential.  In the English Major, we offer ENGL 399, Community Service Learning (one credit), which partners with local organizations to place students in volunteer positions that use their literacy skills.

Most paid jobs available to students offer relatively little in the way of career training, but they do offer a valuable way to earn a reputation as a reliable, intelligent worker. Many entry-level positions will ask for a recommendation from a former employer; recruiters and personnel offices are always pleased to learn that you showed up on time, brought a good attitude to the job, worked well with others, demonstrated initiative, maintained your integrity, or won the respect of co-workers.