Making Connections

Part of the college experience is about making contacts that may prove helpful down the road, whether you’re asking a professor for a recommendation letter next term or asking a UMW acquaintance to become your law partner many years from now.

UMW has a very active alumni network of people who have expressed their willingness to speak with current undergraduates about career options. Some will let you call or e-mail them for an “information interview,”  Some will let you shadow them for a day–accompany them throughout a typical workday to learn what it would be like to be in that field. Some take UMW interns. Some send their companies to recruit at UMW every year. Get more information about the Informational Interviewing Database at Academic and Career Services. You should also ask relatives, friends, and classmates whether they know people in the fields that interest you.

There are many more tips about networking (and links such as Employ-an-Eagle) to aid your process here.