Career Preparation

The average American currently holds 4-5 different careers during his or her lifetime. That’s careers, not jobs: today, people frequently move from one career into another over the course of their working lives. Planning a career path is thus a life-long exercise. You are unlikely to spend the next forty or fifty years doing whatever you start off with, so your mission at UMW is simply to find a first career that’s good for you.

To choose a career path, you need to get to know the available options, but also to know yourself. Fortunately, the English major is good preparation for both. ENLI majors end up in an amazing variety of careers.

Image of Alumni Job Titles

A select list of job titles: UMW ELC alumni report a range of current job titles.

ENLI Careers Overview

Here is a comprehensive list of the job titles of former UMW English majors: Job titles of former UMW English majors  Not surprisingly, this is a huge and impressive list. Browsing it will give you ideas and introduce you to some career paths that might never have occurred to you.

The What Can You Do with This Major? website has information on career options for English majors and Linguistics majors.

For more information on translating English major skills to the job market, see this page.

For more information on careers in Linguistics,  see this page.

ENLI Career Advisers

You can also consult with the ENLI career advisers:

English: Marie McAllister

Linguistics: Judith Parker

Creative Writing: Colin Rafferty

For more information on career searches and career advising, see what the Center for Career and Professional Development has to offer on the center’s web page.