Interdisciplinary Science Studies Major

Everglades Valerie DrogoThis major is designed to prepare students to become science educators.  Although designed with elementary education in mind, the major will also provide preparation for those who are interested in becoming educators in museums, nature centers, aquariums, zoos, and similar organizations.

Methods, approaches, and practices involved in teaching science to elementary-age children are provided through coursework in UMW’s College of Education.

This program is designed to provide students with broad exposure to several areas of science, in-depth exposure to a scientific field of your choice, background in math appropriate for elementary education, and exposure to other areas that will strengthen their pedagogy (e.g. engineering/design, museum studies, digital storytelling.)

Students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Science Studies major must also enroll in the undergraduate Education coursework required for students enrolled in the 5-year, Master of Science (M.S.) in Elementary Education program

Check out details of the Interdisciplinary Science Major in the Current Academic Catalog.