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Welcome to the Economics Department!

Economics is a method of analyzing human behavior in environments subject to scarcity. As such, it provides insight into a wide range of social problems and issues, including unemployment, inflation, poverty, discrimination, international trade, the environment, and the role of government in society.

Why major in Economics?
What will you learn – With an emphasis on writing, speaking, computing, quantitative methods, and other research skills, graduates of our program are equipped with a general education to lead productive lives in the twenty-first century.
Careers in Economics – See how you can apply your degree in economics!
Department News – See the latest news from our department!

Major and Minor Information
Economics major – Students interested in economic theory, macroeconomic analysis, international and developmental economics, monetary and fiscal policy, careers in government research and policy, or graduate study should complete the Economics major. For more information, please see the flyer.
Applied Economics major – Students interested in microeconomic theory and the application of the economic way of thinking in business, the analysis of industries, and careers in business and business-related fields should complete the Applied Economics major. For more information, please see the flyer.
Economics minor – The minor in Economics allows students to sample what economics has to offer. Students will learn basic theoretical framework that economists use to view the world and how economists do research using statistical analysis.
Econ 490’s – These classes can be thought of as a faculty-supervised experience designed to challenge students to go outside the bounds of the typical classroom.

Student Spotlight
Student News – A great way to see what our students are doing while at UMW.
Past internships – UMW Economics Department Students have excelled in the Fredericksburg area and beyond in their pre-employment work experiences. Internships provide students with the opportunity to learn about specific sector work environments before they choose to go in that field

Opportunities to get involved
Economics Club – The purpose of the Economics Club is to provide students with a chance to debate and further develop their understanding of economic and business issues and how they relate to the world at large.
Omicron Epsilon Delta – ODE is one of the world’s largest academic honor societies with more than 680 chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Egypt, France, United Arab Emirates, and Kazakhstan.
Economic Conferences – ESP and IPE

Alumni Spotlight
Alumni Map – UMW Economics alumni have gone off to do great things! Click the external link to view our story map and see all the wonderful things that alumni have achieved after leaving UMW!
Alumni Advice – Our alumni have provided students with some great advice for their future careers and their life in general.

Economics House
The Economics department is located in the Econ House located at 1004 College Ave. Along with professor offices, there are also several rooms for classes, identified as CLAV on Banner. Students are free to use the conference room and computer room on the main floor along with the Student Lounge and library located in the basement. A majority of the classes are offered in Monroe Hall and The Convergence Center.

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