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CPR Student Profile: Sarah Attkisson

Q&A with Sarah Attkisson (Classics '18) What are you doing for your internship? - I’m working at the WJLA studios in Arlington for the show Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. Right now, I’m mostly doing research for the stories that will eventually go on air. I had to familiarize myself with the subjects of terrorism overseas, ISIS, and political issues here in Washington D.C. We’ve also been paying attention to diplomatic relations between China, North Korea, and America. I also go on shoots and help out the cameraman or whoever else needs assistance. I definitely appreciate not sitting at a desk all day, every day. I like being out in the field. What are you thinking of doing after graduation?  Do you see the internship factoring into that decision? -          I would love to continue working here. I grew up in the newsroom environment, but never really wanted anything to do with working for a news station until I started this internship. So far it’s come naturally … [Read more...]