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The Department of Classics, Philosophy, & Religion Reception for Graduating Seniors and Their Families

Each year the department invites graduating students, friends of the programs, and their families to a reception to chat and wish one another well.  The Outstanding Graduates in each program will be named as well as senior awards.  We look forward to seeing you! … [Read more...]

CPRAlum Alert: UMW Graduate Helps Host Cornell West

Jennifer Eagan (Philosophy '02), professor of philosophy and public affairs & administration at California State University-East Bay is seen here (left) recently with a colleague and (center) Cornell West, professor of philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Princeton University. … [Read more...]

CPR Summer Courses

The department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion reminds you that our faculty will be offering a number of courses this summer, both in a traditional classroom setting and online.  Check us out and register on Banner as soon as possible!  Limited spaced available.  For more information, contact Cindy Toomey (ctoomey AT, 540-654-1340). First session:  CLAS 103 Greek Civilization (ONLINE), CLAS 110 Greek and Roman Mythology in Art and Literature (ONLINE), CLAS 211 Tragedy; PHIL 151 Logic (ONLINE), 210 Social & Political (ONLINE); RELG 211 Greek and Roman Religion Second session: CLAS 105 Roman Civilization (ONLINE), CLAS 110 Greek and Roman Mythology in Art and Literature (ONLINE), PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy, PHIL 220 Feminism, PHIL 260 Freud (ONLINE), RELG 101 World Religions … [Read more...]