University Policy Statements for Selected Courses

If your instructor’s syllabus has directed you here, the policies below apply to that course.

Honor System Statement

In accordance with the University’s Honor Code, all work submitted for grading must be your own and be pledged as such by writing at the end of the work, “I hereby declare upon my word of honor that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized help on this work. (your signature)”  It is your duty as students and ours as faculty to uphold the Honor Code, which is described in detail in the Guidebook & Constitution. Suspected violations of the Honor Code will be addressed according to the policy established by the Honor Council.

Disability Resources Statement

Students who require or feel they may require accommodations due to a disability should visit the Office of Disability Resources online ( for information about available resources.  You will need to request appropriate accommodations through this office as soon as possible and then make an appointment to see your instructor to discuss your approved accommodation needs (you will need the letter issued you by the office at this meeting).  If you have allergies to any chemicals or other emergency medical information, or have any other special needs, please notify your instructor ASAP.

Title IX Compliance Statement

University of Mary Washington faculty are committed to supporting students and upholding the University’s Policy on Sexual and Gender Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence.  Under Title IX and this Policy, discrimination based upon sex or gender is prohibited.  If you experience an incident of sex or gender based discrimination, we encourage you to report it.  While you may talk to your instructor, understand that as a “Responsible Employee” of the University, they must report to UMW’s Title IX Coordinator what you share.  If you wish to speak to someone confidentially, please contact the below confidential resources.  They can connect you with support services and help you explore your options.  You may also seek assistance from UMW’s Title IX Coordinator.  Please visit to view UMW’s Policy on Sexual and Gender Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence and to find further information on support and resources.

Classroom Recording Statement

Classroom activities in this course may be recorded by students enrolled in the course for the personal, educational use of that student or for all students presently enrolled in the class only, and may not be further copied, distributed, published or otherwise used for any other purpose without the express written consent of the course instructor. All students are advised that classroom activities may be taped by students for this purpose. Distribution or sale of class recordings is prohibited without the written permission of the instructor and other students who are recorded. Distribution without permission is a violation of copyright law. This policy is consistent with UMW’s Policy on Recording Class and Distribution of Course Materials.