Chemistry Placement Test

If you are planning on majoring in the physical sciences (Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Geology, Chemistry), minoring in neuroscience, or are interested in a pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinarian, physician’s assistant, or pre-pharmacy track, you will need to complete General Chemistry (CHEM 111, 112).  Registration for the introductory Chemistry courses (CHEM 111 or 101) requires completion of the placement exam.  You cannot register for CHEM 101 or 111 without a placement score on file.  Furthermore, any student wishing to register for CHEM 101, Foundations of Chemistry, must also take the Chemistry Placement test.

The test is 55 minutes long with 60 graded questions.  We use your score to recommend the best starting chemistry course for you so that you can be successful in those courses.  We have seen that students with a score of lower than 35 (out of 60) have less than a 25% success rate in General Chemistry.   If your score is lower than 35, we will also consider your SAT or ACT math section scores in considering how to advise you.  Besides CHEM 111, we might recommend that you start with, CHEM 101 – Foundations of Chemistry– which builds math and science study skills while teaching you some basic chemistry to prepare you for success in CHEM 111.

Note that the test is open only during specific times of the year:

Fall Pre-Registration Advising Block: the test will be open during the week and a half of fall advising

Spring Pre-Registration Advising Block: the test will be open during the two weeks of spring advising

Summer I, Pre-Orientation Block: the test will be open from April 30th until the incoming first-year student orientation sessions begin

Summer II, Post-Orientation Block: the test will be open from July 1st until August 15th

For more information about the test and how to take it, please visit the Academic Services page.