Sushma Subramanian


Sushma Subramanian is a journalist whose research focuses on how science can explain phenomena that we face day to day. She has written on topics ranging from the latest in iPad technology, to the under-diagnosis of ADHD in women versus men, to why our skin tingles when we listen to beautiful music. Her work has taken her to a remote Chinese village housing men that are part of the country’s new “bachelor class,” to the research headquarters of Germany’s biggest automaker and to the table of an innovative London restaurant that builds its menu around sensory neuroscience. She teaches news reporting and writing. Her favorite course is magazine journalism, which celebrates the type of work that allows journalists to delve deeply into their subjects and write about the material they collect using the techniques of fiction.​

B.A., University of Southern California; M.S., Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  UMW Directory Profile.