Summer 2017 Course Offerings in Comm and Digital Studies

Here is a list of courses offered in Summer 2017 that meet requirements for either the Major in Communication and Digital Studies or the Minor in Digital Studies. For more information about a specific course, contact the professor or find the course on the Registrar’s web page.

ARTS 104: Digital Approaches to Fine Art

This course introduces basic tools and techniquies of computer generated art in the context of studio theory and practice.

  • 52724; 10:15am-12:15pm M-R Robinson (Session 1)
Digital Studies Core Elective

COMM 205: Public Speaking

Study of the basic principles of public address. Emphasis is on developing a theoretical and practical understanding of oral communication through practice in preparing, delivering, and criticizing speeches in class.


  • 5287110:15am-12:15pm M-R Ohl (Session 1)
Communication Core Speaking Intensive

COMM 209: Argumentation

Study of the use of reasoning in persuasive communication with emphasis on the construction, evaluation, presentation, refutation, and defense of oral arguments.

  • 5281210:15am-12:15pm M-R Rao (Session 1)
  • 52813; 1pm-3pm M-R Rao (Session 1)
Communication Core Speaking Intensive, Writing Intensive, ALPP

COMM 340: Introduction to Rhetoric and Communication

Introduction to human communication studies, focusing on the history, theory, criticism and mediation of persuasive messages to discover their roles in human society, culture, and contemporary life.

  • 528721pm-3pm M-R Ohl (Session 1)
Communication Core (required) Speaking Intensive

COMM 370G: Gender and Communication

Gender and Communication will explore the ways in which communication constructs gender. This course will be a guided study of the different areas in which communication and our understanding and expectations of gender emerge. Starting with theoretical foundations and approaches to understanding gender and communication, the course will move into areas such as family, workplace, media, and politics. Students will have the opportunity to critically engage with scholarship and apply this to real-world examples through their own reflections, creations, and other original works.


  • 52869ONLINE; Johnson-Young (Session 1)
Upper-Level Elective

CPSC 106: Digital Storytelling

People have been telling stories since the beginning of time, but how is story telling evolving in the digital age? This course explores how computers are being used to tell stories. Students will use technology including blogs, virtual worlds, and computer games to create and tell their own stories.

  • 52752; ONLINE; Polack (Session 1)
Digital Studies Core Elective Arts, Literature, and Performance: Process

CPSC 110: Introduction to Computer Science

This course provides a foundation in computer science for a student who does not have prior programming experience. Topics include an introduction to the algorithm and program development process using a high-level structured programming language and the department’s computing facilities.

  • 5275310:15am-12:15pm M-R, Polack (Session 1)
Digital Studies Core Quantitative Reasoning

DGST 101: Intro to Digital Studies

Introduces an interdisciplinary approach to using technology and specifically provides a foundation for the Digital Studies Minor. Coursework may include digital approaches to creavity, historiography, media analysis and thinking critically about and through digital culture.

  • 52873ONLINE; Whalen (Session 2)
Digital Studies Core (required) Required Intro Class

ENGL 386: The Graphic Novel

A study of the graphic novel form, including the analysis of graphic novel texts, the integration of related critical theory, and experimentation with producing graphic narrative. Specific topics and themes may include formal approaches to the medium, as well as issues of race, class, and gender as represented in graphic novels.

  • 52819; 1pm-3pm M-R, Tweedy (Session 1)
Elective Elective