BLS Degree Requirements

Every Bachelor’s Degree at UMW is comprised of three sections: General Education, Major course of study, and General Electives.

Below is a breakdown of the exact requirements for the completion of the BLS degree. BLS is a degree, not a major, not a program.

Academic Requirements (you find this on your degree evaluation)


Description of Requirement


General Education

Arts & Literature ALP (need 2) Choices for completion:

2 – courses designated ALPA or

1  ALPA course & 1 ALPP course

6  (2 classes @ 3 cr each)
GI Global Inquiry, 1 course 3

HES Human Experience and Society,

2 courses

6  (2 classes @ 3 cr each)
GMSC Math, CPSC, or Science, 1 course 3 – 4
GSCI Lab Science, 1 course 4
QR Quantitative Reasoning, 1 course

3 – 4

Total: 25-27

Intensives Speaking Intensive 1 course These courses are built into the curriculum and are found in every discipline. All students have to complete SI & WI requirements. These are not additional credits that you have to complete.
Writing Intensive  3 courses
Major: Varies by major, the range is 30-45 with the average being 36.  Total: 30 – 45 depending on which major you select.
Electives: Additional credits needed to get to 120 Electives are the remaining credits you need to take.


How do I calculate the remaining credits? Subtract the number of credits you have completed from the total required.


(These are on your Transcript)

Description Required  Completed
 Still Need
1. Residency (UMW) 30  
2. Transfer (everything else) Up to 90  
Total Credits (add 1 & 2) 120  
Major GPA 2.00  
Overall GPA 2.00