Degrees are awarded at the end of each term (Summer, Fall, Spring) for those students who have completed all the requirements, and have completed an online Degree Application.  The Commencement ceremony in May is for all three graduation terms, and is held one week after the spring term ends.  Those who graduate in the previous summer or fall, are expected to return for the May Commencement ceremony.

Online Application for Graduation

You are required to complete an online Degree Application one year before you expect to graduate. The application period generally occurs early in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Watch for emails to your UMW account notifying you that the application period is open. You can also look in the online guide to registration published on the Registrar’s webpage for the application deadline.

You cannot graduate if you do not complete this application, so forward your emails if you do not use your UMW account.

If you miss the online window, and will be graduating in the current or summer term please email Sharon Williams, the Degree Auditor in the Registrar’s office,  at with the following information:

  1. Banner Id-000XXXXXX
  2. When you are trying to graduate
  3. Diploma Name- your NAME, EXACTLY as you want it written on your diploma
  4. Hometown City and State or Nation
  5. If you are a double major, specify what your primary/secondary majors are.

If you are graduating in a subsequent term and missed the initial application window, watch for emails as to when the window will reopen, or consult the online publication Guide to Registration on the Registrar’s webpage.

For complete Graduation Information, and FAQs visit the Registrar’s webpage regarding graduation requirements and processes.  Commencement information is posted early in the spring semester.

Diplomas and Transcripts

All diplomas are mailed to students using the mailing address on your student account. You cannot update your address. If your address is incorrect, you must submit an official change of address form to the Registrar’s office. If your diploma is mailed to the wrong address, it will be replaced at your expense.

Please refer to the Registrar’s webpages regarding your UMW diploma and official transcripts.  Remember, the diploma will list your degree:  Bachelor of Liberal Studies.  Your transcript will list the degree along with your program(s) of study (majors and minors), as well as any honors you received.

If you have any financial holds on your record you will not receive your diploma or your transcripts.