BLS Student Advising

BLS Advising for New Students

Receiving your transfer application documents, reviewing them, and evaluating your transfer credits, can sometimes take several weeks, even a month or two. Getting all your documents submitted to the Admissions office in a timely manner will speed up the process. If you have to send transcripts to UMW after you have been admitted, send them directly to the Registrar’s office, Attn: Ms. Sarkuti.

Here is the process: Documents to Admissions –> Transcripts to Registrar –> Transfer evaluation emailed to you and BLS Department –>Orientation or Initial Advising Appt w/Director or Mrs. Tomillon.

What to expect at the Initial Advising Appointment
This first meeting will provide you with an in-depth introduction to the University. Among the areas discussed at this first meeting include transfer credit evaluation, accessing information, degree requirements, your goals, possible major programs of study, and how to register for classes.

Remember your advisor is simply that, an advisor. It is your responsibility to know the requirements for graduation, deadlines for applying, and how to check your degree progression. Please take time to learn how to use the tools provided to you to track your academic success. 

Transfer Orientation is offered for incoming students. It is recommended that you attend this informational day.  The table below will give you a rough estimate of when to expect orientation to be offered, but please refer to the

UMW Orientation webpage for dates and registration.


May For Incoming Summer Students
Summer – Various sessions For Incoming Fall Students
January For Incoming Spring Students

Frequently Asked Questions

New students frequently have many questions and concerns in making the transition from the community college to UMW. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions.

Not all the courses on my transfer evaluation were awarded credits.  Is there anything I can do to change this?

First check to see if you have reached the 90 credit limit, if there are courses that you would prefer to have counted for credit we can work with you on swapping those, but only 90 credits can be transferred in. However, it is true that one institution may not accept credit from another institution.  If this happens to you, there are a few additional steps to consider.

1. Military credit, technical course credit, and the like, may qualify for our portfolio process.  This is something to discuss in the initial advising appointment. If you have already met with the Program Director, you can email her, to discuss this option.

2. The BLS Advisor can look more closely at specific courses, and work with the Registrar’s Office to see if additional credit can be awarded, email or call with questions about specific courses.

3. Students also have the option of going through the departmental reevaluation process to see if the department chair would award non-major credit for courses related to their subject matter. This requires submission of the course syllabus and forms for reevaluation.

4. Look to see what the course is that has not been awarded credit, sometimes students take classes that do not qualify for transfer credit, or realize that a grade did not meet the minimal requirement for transfer. We will only accept courses with a grade of “C” or higher for transfer.

How do I get my net id and password (access email)?

See the following link for instructions to obtain your user id.  Finding My Net ID

You must have your user id and password to access your email and register for classes. UMW email is used as the official means of communicating to students, so please check it often and use it for any UMW business.

Where do I purchase my books?

Textbooks may be purchased from the University Bookstore located on the third floor of Lee Hall. Textbooks may also be ordered online at the Bookstore’s website. UMW Bookstore Most Stafford Campus courses use the online feature to order textbooks.

I am currently taking classes at Germanna Community College, or another VCCS college, how will I know if the class I am taking will be transferred into UMW?

The Registrar’s webpage has a chart of transferable courses, be sure to look at the BLS column. VCCS Transfer Chart

If you are taking a course to satisfy a major requirement, you will want to check with the Department Chair, or your advisor, prior to registering for it to make sure it will be accepted, if you are taking an elective your course will transfer in just fine. If you are satisfying General Education requirements, and do not have an Associates degree from Germanna CC, see the following website to find out if your course is transferable. Transfer Guide

I see NOTMJ after several of the courses on my transfer evaluation, what is that?

The NOTMJ designation means that your course transferred in as a General Elective, but cannot be used to fill major requirements. If you see this designation on the Transfer Guide when you are looking for courses to take at another institution, you will definitely want to talk with the department chair before enrolling in the course. NOTMJ literally means Not Major, so the course would not be counted as anything in the Major requirements.

How do I get my parking permit?

All UMW students bringing a vehicle to the Fredericksburg campus must obtain a decal through Parking Management to park on campus. Decals are good for the entire academic year (Fall – Summer) and are prorated if purchased in spring. Students may park in designated campus lots consistent with their decal status. The UMW Stafford campus has ample free parking. Consider joining the Facebook Commuter Students group for student comments on this issue.

Please see the following link for further information.  Parking Management

How do I get my student id?

The EagleOne Card Center is located on the Fredericksburg Campus in Lee Hall, 1st Floor, Room 110.

Stafford students needing an EagleOne ID card should contact the Stafford Library at or call the front desk at 540-286-8025.

Your EagleOne Card is used for identification, commuter meal plans, discounts at area stores, fitness center pass, library card, and can be used as a debit card in vending machines and dining halls. You can load money onto it through myUMW.

I do, or may need, disability accommodations or resources.  Is there assistance available at UMW?

The Office of Disability Resources works with students, faculty, and the UMW community to eliminate barriers, and provide an inclusive environment for students with disabilities. For information on documentation requirements and services, please contact the office at 540-654-1266 or review their website at

BLS Advising for Continuing Students

The BLS Degree Program strives to provide academic advising to all BLS students in order to ensure a productive and satisfying undergraduate experience. Since academic advising is the cornerstone to disseminating the most up-to-date information to students, all returning students are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes each Fall and Spring semester.

Course registration times are based on the number of completed credits at the time of advanced registration. You can check the number of credits you have completed by going to the myUMW portal, and looking at your transcript. See the following link for specific registration times. Students are not required to see an advisor to register for Summer courses.

Registration Appointment Times

Advising Appointments

All students must meet with an advisor in order to register for classes for the next semester. BLS students who have not declared a major must make an advising appointment with the BLS Advisor: call 654-2050 or email Susanne Tomillon at to make an appointment. Students who have declared a major must meet with their major advisor. Not sure who your advisor is? Check your myUMW student profile. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the BLS Office, 654-2050.

Once you have met with your advisor, you will be cleared to register for classes. If you receive an error message when you attempt register that asks for a registration pin number, you must contact your advisor in order to release your registration hold. You may check your myUMW portal to see if you have any registration holds.

Remember your advisor is simply that, an advisor. It is your responsibility to know the requirements for graduation, deadlines for applying, and how to check your degree progression. You need to learn how to use the tools that the university provides to track your academic progression.

Registration Resources

Guide to Registration is published each semester on the Registrar’s website. It provides students with academic calendars, registration instructions, final exam schedules, payment information, and campus maps. See the following link for the latest Guide to Registration.

For more information concerning the registration process see the following links.

Registration Process

Schedule of Courses

Frequently Asked Registration Questions

When does advising begin?

Advising is always the two weeks following Spring or Fall break. Students are not required to see an advisor to register for Summer courses.

What if I missed advising?

Students who miss the advising period must make an appointment with their advisor as soon as possible. All students must be advised prior to registering for Fall or Spring classes.

What if I missed my registration window?

Students who miss their window to register for classes must wait until the adjustment period. Check the Registration Appointment times on the Registrar’s web-page for these make-up windows.


University Resources

The BLS office seeks to serve all students by educating them on the resources the university has to offer. While our office does not provide certain services such as tutoring or career counseling, we can facilitate students in getting the assistance they need to succeed both academically and professionally. Listed below are just a few of the services available to you.

Service Office Website
Campus Dining Campus Dining Sodexo
Career Counseling Career Services Career Services
Registration/Course Schedules Registrar Registrar
Financial Aid Financial Aid Financial Aid
Internship Career Services Internships
Disability Resources Office of Disability Resources Disability Services
Payment and Billing Student Accounts Student Accounts
Research Questions Simpson Library Research
Speaking Center Speaking Center Speaking Center
Study Abroad Center for International Education Study Abroad
Tutoring Academic Services Peer Tutoring
Veterans Resource Center Office of Student Affairs VRC
Writing Center Writing Center Writing Center