Career Development

Is graduate school right for me?  What strategies might help me land that first internship or job? What are the employment options for a biology major?

Career Talks and Workshops

Thurs 2/09 5 pm, Room 313 Crafting a STEM Resume
Wed 2/15 4 pm, Room 313 Careers for Biology Majors
Wed 3/15 4 pm, Room 313 Job Search Strategies
 Thurs 3/23 5 pm, Room 313 Small Business Owner, Faye Krause
Fitness Studio and Nutritionist
 Thurs 3/30 5 pm, Room 313 Careers in the FBI for STEM majors
Mon 4/10 7 pm, HCC210 Dr. Crumpler, Pre-Vet Club speaker
Wed 4/12 4 pm, Room 313  VCU Representative, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Graduate Programs

Resources from past talks and workshops

Jobs, Internships and Research Opportunities