Portfolio Requirements

Outcomes Assessment: Studio Art
Assessment Coordinator: Prof. Garmon

The following are Studio Art Major Requirements:
A strong portfolio and good writing are essential skills for the professional artist. The Studio Art program seeks to strengthen these skills, assessing your development as an artist from the moment you declare the major and upon completion of your senior exhibition/portfolio.
The Studio Art Assessment Program is a two-phase system. First, the faculty seeks to document student artwork by requiring a Major Portfolio for newly declared studio art majors. The Major Portfolio is your entrance into ARTS 474 and your Senior Exhibition and/or Senior Portfolio. Failure to complete the Major Portfolio will prevent you from enrolling in ARTS 474. (see portfolio requirements below)
Secondly, the faculty seeks to assess senior-level progress through either a senior exhibition or a Senior Exit Portfolio. (see requirements below)
Major Portfolio: this should be completed as soon as you declare the major. Do not worry about the level or quality of your work; it is the goal of the program to document your “entry-level” work. The portfolio consists of 8-10 printed thumbnail images of artwork completed in our program. It can be from 100-200 level courses and should be accompanied by an image list:
Title of work                                   Medium                                 Dimensions (H,W,and D)                             Date
Satisfaction                                     woodcut                                       14″ X 10″                                                  2016
Attach a completed Major Portfolio Cover Sheet to thumbnails and image list and turn in to Prof. Garmon’s mailbox.
Senior Portfolio: This occurs upon completion of a Senior Exhibition or Senior Exit Portfolio. For the Senior Exit Portfolio, follow the instructions above (under Major Portfolio) but only include 300-400 level work. Prof. Garmon directs the preparation for Senior Exhibitions and Portfolios during ARTS 474/ fall semester and Prof. Jesionowski during the spring semester.