Printmaking Resources

Where to Get Things

Bookmaking Supplies

Dolphin Papers

Silkscreening Supplies
Victory Factory

General Art Supplies (including printmaking supplies)

Plaza Art Supply (there’s one in Richmond and one in Fairfax)
Dick Blick
Daniel Smith

Where to See Things

My favorite all-things-printmaking website is…

Printeresting: “The thinking person’s favorite resource for interesting print miscellany.”

Artist and Press Websites and Blogs

Relief Print (linoleum and/or wood)

Cannonball Press
Drive by Press
Outlaw Printmakers
Bill Fick
Mary Holland
Tom Huck
Aijung Kim
Dennis McNett
Sean Starwars
Valerie Wallace

Silkscreen (aka screen printing)

Andy Kozlowski
Studio Two Three


Boxcar Press
Briar Press

Books About Things

(some of these are available at the library)

The Printmaking Bible
Printmaking: History and Practice
The Complete Printmaker
Printmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes

Other Information on Things

A Video on Drypoint


Relief Prints