Marjorie Och

Associate Professor of Art History
Survey of Western Art · Women & Western Art · Renaissance Art · Baroque Art
DuPont Hall 319
(540) 654-2035

Dr. Marjorie Och, Professor or Art History at The University of Mary Washington


Marjorie Och, Professor of Art History, has taught at Mary Washington since 1994. Her research focuses on the patronage of art by women in early modern Italy; the role of cities in Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists (1550, 1568); aligning technology with art history pedagogies; the intersection of conservation and art history; contemporary art; and the collecting and exhibition of art.

Professor Och teaches courses in Renaissance and Baroque art history; seminars on the city of Venice, Michelangelo, Bernini, and women and Western art; museum studies; and the department’s survey courses on Western art. She directs two study abroad programs, one to Venice and Croatia (co-directed with Professor Houghtalin of Classics;, the other to London.



Selected publications include:

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