Arab Culture Night


The Arabic Program at UMW is excited to showcase multiple aspects of Arab culture in a variety of events hosted at the Fredericksburg campus. Arab Culture Night is one of the biggest events of the Spring semester since it attracts over 600 members of a diverse audience  which includes UMW students, families, faculty members and the Arab communities.

Arab Culture Night is a festive evening that’s packed with entertainment incorporating all Arab cultures. From UMW student performances, such as the Arab Fashion Show, which features traditional and vintage dresses such as the Kuwaiti jallabiya to the Egyptian khimaar, backed by music performances such as the Oud (lute) and tabla (drums), guests can witness and experience for themselves the vibrant Middle Eastern culture that is like no other. The Middle Eastern dinner is a delicious treat for all, from appetizers like tabbouleh (traditional Lebanese salad), delicious main courses of rice, shawerma and kabobs, to desserts like kunafeh (filo cheese pastry). A cultural exhibit with rare artifacts, posters and decorations provide educational perspectives of the Arab world to the guests.

Arab Culture Night Photos


Be sure to keep an eye out for the next announcement of our Annual Arab Culture Night!