The Women’s and Gender Studies major focuses on gender and the experiences of women as central categories of scholarly inquiry. This interdisciplinary program emphasizes diverse perspectives on both the construction and the experience of femininity and masculinity in society, including the complex interactions of gender, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and race.  Students learn to appreciate the breadth of human experience and the challenges that all people face as gendered beings.


The Program in Women’s and Gender Studies congratulates the winners of the best presentation at the 2015 Undergraduate Research Forum on Women’s Studies:

Best Poster Presentation:

Kathleen Adragna, Katlyn Baines, Celeste M.Kelly, Julia K. Smith, “Erotic Capital?: The Relationship between Sexualization and Leadership” supervised by Drs.Liss and Erchull

Best Individual Presentation: Paige McKisey “Finding Meaning in Difference: Girl’s Education Initiatives in Kenya from the UN and NGOs” supervised by Dr. Gupta