URES 197 Projects

The following project(s) are offered for the semester:

Fall 2017

Faculty Member: Gusty Cooper

Department: Computer Science

Description: The research will analyze mobile application development and deployment for iOS and Android platforms and write a comparison paper.  The team will create metrics to measure development and deployment effectiveness.  The team will develop mobile applications that track college course assignments and their due dates, applying the effectiveness metrics. The team will write a paper that compares the development and deployment environments.


  • Max of three students: 1 iOS, 1 Android, 1 platform independent – currently two students committed for iOS and Android
  • 3 Credit Hours Per Student – 3 hours of work per credit hour
  • Students have demonstrated senior level computer programming skills.
  • Students have learning maturity to pursue new information with minimal supervision
  • Students have the ability to work in a team environment