Undergraduate Research Grant Awards

Students from several departments applied for funding to attend conferences to present research, compete in academic competitions, and purchase supplies to complete research.  The current semester of faculty sponsors, the students, and the title of the projects are listed by department below.

Fall 2015 Awards

Art and Art History Department
Faculty Sponsor: Carole Garmon
Student: Taylor White – On Amplitude

Faculty Sponsor: Joe DiBella
Student: Courtney Greathouse – Exploring Portraiture: Senior Portfolio

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Jesionowski
Student: Tyler Duenas – Gathering Mass

Biological Sciences Department
Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Baker
Students: Erica Falvey, Laura Mangano– Development of the stress hormone axis in two model fish species

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Barra
Student: Samuel Clark – Complementary & Alternative Medicine in the Treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma

Faculty Sponsor: Steve Gallik
Students: Kristina Krumpos, Rachel Thomas, Kristin Jones– Engineering a Plasmid Expression Vector for Nuclear Localization Studies
Students: Viraj Munshi, Aaron Sawyer – A Study of Protein Diffusion Across the Nuclear Envelope

Faculty Sponsor: Alan Griffith
Student: Kevin Speray– Exploring the relationship between shade and incidence of seeding death, Aeschynomene virginica

Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Lewis
Student: Sara Murphy – A Study of the Antiviral Effects of Chloroquine & Rapamycin on Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus
Student: Alexander Priest – Identification of inhibitors of Fatty Acid Synthesis Enzymes in Mycobacterium smegmatis
Students: Sara Murphy, Alexander Priest, Dana Baragh, Habiba Noor, Crystal Cauley, Julie Arnold, Amy Jayas– Virginia Branch of the American Society for Microbiology Meeting

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah O’Dell
Student: Tyrrell Graham– Tau and Beta-Amyloid Interactions in Alzheimer’s Disease
Student: Brittany Hylander– Relationship between S100B protein and RAGE expression in Vertebrates
Student: Virginia King– Cell phone Radiation Induced Mitotic Rate and Apoptosis levels in Human Glioblastoma Cells

Faculty Sponsor: Abbie Tomba
Students: Teresa Nguyen, Margaret Magliato– Molecular Identification of Digenetic Trematodes in the Rappahannock River

Faculty Sponsor: Parrish Waters
Students: Hannah Belski, Meagan Darling– A novel environment to examine social stress and hierarchy in mice
Student: Emily Ferguson – Developing a novel technological tool to assess cognition in laboratory mice

Chemistry Department
Faculty Sponsor: Davis Oldham
Students: Kelly McDaniel, Lonnie Harris– Synthesis of the stereoisomers of DEHP and its metabolites

Faculty Sponsor: Randall Reif
Student: Samuel Clark– Optimization of SELEX Parameters for RNA Aptamer Selection
Student: Sean Morris – Temporal Dynamics of Caspase Activity on Jurkat Cells

Faculty Sponsor: Kelli Slunt
Student: David Nunez– Development of Biochemical Assays for Phthalate Ester Ligand

Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Faculty Sponsor: Ben Kisila
Students: Taylor Coxon, Rachel Hensen – Modeling the Distribution of Trace Metals within the James River
Students: Lauren Mosesso, Lillian Johnson – Phosphorus Dynamics in Wetlands of the Rappahannock River Basin
Student: Taylor Coxon- The temporal and spatial distribution of trace metals in the fluvial and lacustirine environments of the southern Chesapeake Bay basin

Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Szulczewski
Students: Maura Slocum, Taylor McConnell – Initial Investigation into the Use of Phytoremediation to Address Legacy Pollution at a Virginia Site Affected by Acid Mine Drainage

Faculty Sponsor: Neil Tibert
Student: Tammy Prescott, Megan Clevenger, Miles Neilsonn- Sea Level Change in Tidal Marshes

Economics Department
Faculty Sponsor: Shawn Humphrey
Students: Ana Hecton, Aashna Jain, Alex Rodriguez, Sepehr Sobhani, Nicole Scotti, Caitlin Turner-Lafving, Stephanie Loftus, Sam Fortier, Pete Shammas, Kelly Mason – La Ceiba Microfinance

Faculty Sponsor: Margaret Ray
Student: 4 Students- Economic Scholars Program at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Geography Department
Faculty Sponsor: Caitie Finlayson
Students: Colin Cate, Steven Fernando – Making Space Sacred in a Nontraditional Setting
Student: Phillip Devine – Visualizing Sacredness using Mental Maps and GIS
Student: Christine Mackrell – Gendered Experiences in Mosques: The Utilization of Sacred Space as a Tool for Marginalization

Faculty Sponsor: Steve Hanna
Students: Ian Spangler, Xavier Griffin – Searching for the enslaved in the “Cradle of Democracy”: Virginia’s James River plantation websites and the reproduction of local social memories

Faculty Sponsor: Joe Nicholas
Students: 3 Students- Team Virginia in the World Geography Bowl Competition

Historic Preservation Department
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Spencer
Student: Mary Fesak – Gender and early-20th Century Equine Architecture

History and American Studies Department
Faculty Sponsor: Claudine Ferrell
Student: Phillip Buterbaugh – Harris & Janie Porter Barrett: Early Civil Rights Powerhouse Couple
Student: Nathaniel Levine – Law and Risk in nineteenth-century America: The Farwell Case
Student: Christopher Noebels – Shel Silverstein: Interpreting America

Mathematics Department
Faculty Sponsor: Randall Helmstutler
Student: Christopher Lloyd- Cryptology with Generalizes Dihedral Groups

Music Department
Faculty Sponsor: Mark Snyder
Student: Austin O’Rourke – West Fork New Music Festival
Student: Mary Paige Rodgers – West Fork New Music Festival
Student: Daniel Shea – Private Composition
Student: Michael Prime – West Fork New Music Festival

Political Science and International Affairs Department
Faculty Sponsor: John Kramer
Student: Girard Bucello – The European Security Community: A Case Study of European Policy towards the Baltic States

Faculty Sponsor: Chad Murphy
Student: Emily Lowrie – Data Analysis and Politics
Student: Alexander Obolensky – Data Analysis and Politics

Psychology Department
Faculty Sponsor: David Stahlman
Students: Robyn Ellis, Antonio Nazario-Bortz – The control of navigational variability in invertebrates

Faculty Sponsor: Laura Wilson
Students: Robyn Ellis, Shawn Fraine, Jennifer Freud, Hannah Walker – Meta-analysis of sexual victimization

Theatre and Dance Department
Faculty Sponsor: Gregg Stull
Student: Julia Wells – Directing EURYDICE



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