Undergraduate Research Grant Awards

Students from several departments applied for funding to attend conferences to present research, compete in academic competitions, and purchase supplies to complete research.  The current semester of  faculty sponsors, the students, and the title of the projects are listed by department below.

Spring 2014 Awards

Art and art History Department

Faculty Sponsor: JeanAnn Dabb

Student: Isabel Smith– The Ballet Dancers of Edgar Degras: Feminist Theoretical Perspective

Faculty Sponsor: Joseph DiBella

Student: Juliana Vallejo– Abstract Experiment

Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Driess

Student: Anna Grotophorst– Transcending Wright: The Originality of the Architect of John Lautner

Faculty Sponsor: Carole Garmon

Student: Cassandra Reinhart– Full Disclosure: Reading the Fine Print

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Jesionowski

Student: Gabrielle Frohock– The Unexplored

Student: Ashley Smith– Sculptures

Faculty Sponsor: Jon McMillian

Students: Michelle Howell and Elizabeth Castillo– NCECA Research


Biological Sciences Department

Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Baker

Students: Isabelle Malouf and Adam Stergis – Acute and long-term effects of atrazine on sexual development in zebrafish

Student: Emily Piazza– Expression of appetite-regulating neurophormones in zebrafish

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Barra

Student: Tawany Almelda– Synthetic Androgen on Androgen Receptor positive breast cancer cells with effect on p21

Student: Claire Harrington– Effects of the Herbal Dietary Supplement TXL on Esophageal Cancer

Faculty Sponsor: Theresa Grana

Students: Daniel Browne and Thy Mai– Nematology as a Vehicle for Undergraduate Education

Student: Jessica Dochney– Nematode Imaging & Image Analysis

Student: Anna Kania– Silencing Essential Genes in Free-living Nematodes Resembling Parasites

Student: Sarah Marzec– Nematode Population Diversity at a Native Paw Paw Site

Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Lewis

Student: Emily Pineiro– Programmed Translational Frameshift in a Bacillus thuringiensis Bacteriophage Hakuna’s DNA Polymerase Gene

Student: Justin Sahs– The Effects of Chloroquine on the Reproductive Abilities of Mouse Mammory Tumor Virus

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah O’Dell

Student: Daniel Miller– Gene expression in response to BPA in two different tissue types

Faculty Sponsor: Deborah Zies

Student: Lauren Johnson – Cloning the Promoter Region of the Human RAL1 Gene


Classics, Philosophy, and Religion Department

Faculty Sponsor: Liane Houghtalin

Student: Irene Satchwell– Participation at Eta Sigma Phi (Classics Honor Society) Convention

Faculty Sponsor: Craig Vasey

Students: Molly Bernhard, Clare Stechschulte, Colin Spangler, Emily Young, Kelsey Brey, Andrea Shaia, Jessie Verive, Margaret D’Amico, Gregory Henninger – UMW Mock Trial Team Regional and Opening Round Championships Competitions


Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

Faculty Sponsor: Ben Kisila

Student: Lainey LeBlanc – A comparative analysis of the effects of forested buffers and floodplain soil properties on phosphorous dynamics in two Chesapeake Bay sub-watersheds, VA

Student: Kelsey Moxey- A comparative analysis of the effects of forested buffers and floodplain soil properties on phosphorous dynamics in two Chesapeake Bay sub-watersheds, VA

Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Szulczewski

Students: Susanna Kirschner, Jenna Stockton, Teresa Fenn- Interactions of metals, sulfur, and organic matter throughout the soil profile of an acid mine drainage-impacted ecosystem

Faculty Sponsor: Chuck Whipkey

Student: Zaire Sprowal- Cost/output comparison of solar cells of different materials and design


Economics Department

Faculty Sponsor: Steve Greenlaw

Students: Chelsea LeHew, Taylor Knight, Jessica Melvin-

Faculty Sponsor: Margaret Ray

Students: Chelsea LeHew, Jessica Melvin, Taylor Knight, Lavar Edmonds, Luke Mendelsohn, and Sarah Dengler- Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Economic Scholars Program Conference

Faculty Sponsor: Robert Rycroft

Student: Chelsea LeHew- An Economic Analysis of Estate Planning and Taxation Avoidance


Geography Department

Faculty Sponsor: Dawn Bowen

Student: Ethan Bottone- World Geography Bowl Competition

Students: David Chambers and Ray Humison- Mapping Deforestation in the Sierra Yalijux Mountains of the Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Faculty Sponsor: Caitlyn Finlayson

Student: Julia Wood- Gendered understandings of the lived religious experience: Exploring emotional responses through sacred ground


History and American Studies Department

Faculty Sponsor: Steven Harris

Student: Maxwell Reinhardt- The Pink Triangle Behind the Iron Curtain


Music Department

Faculty Sponsor: Mark Snyder

Students: Rebecca Brown and Paige Naylor- Performance at Society for Composures International Conference


Physics Department

Faculty Sponsor: Hai Nguyen

Student: Nguc Quyen Huynh- Manipulating Light

Student: John Meadows- Slowing Light Down


Psychology Department

Faculty Sponsor: Mindy Erchull

Students: Lauren Waaland Kreutzer, Leanna Papp, and Hester Godfrey– Jealousy and its Link to Intimate Partner Violence

Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Mailloux

Student: Danielle DeVille– Interceptive Awareness and Disordered Eating Attitudes

Faculty Sponsor: Christine McBride

Student: Elizabeth Storey– The Effect of Stress on Subsequent Eating Behaviors in Children

Student: Charlotte Hagerman and Elizabeth Storey– Stress Eating and Attentional Bias

Faculty Sponsor: David Rettinger

Student: Catherine Purtell, Stephanie Brownley, and Tessa Paivanas– Attitudes and Beliefs about Whistleblower

Faculty Sponsor: Hilary Stebbins

Students: Kathleen Bettencourt– Assessing thresholds for angry faces in the attentional blink

Faculty Sponsor: Debra Steckler

Students: Leanna Papp, Lauren Waaland-Kreutzer, Hester Godfrey, Rachel Scholl, Mackenzie Walsh, Eric Knapp, Erika Persil, Adam Davila, Hannah Mason, Julia Gattuso, Daniel Lipscomb, Meliza Rubinos, Danielle DeVille, Emily Farnsworth, Wesley Horton, Rachel Sisk, Elizabeth Storey, Charlotte Hagerman, Adrianne Bell, Stephanie Brawnley, Tessa Paivanas, Lauren Cleland, Madalene McAllister, Paige Naylor, Julia Smith, Kathleen Bettencourt, Valerie Lewitus, Eva Ng, Janie Hayden, Nicole Erickson, Kima Nieves, Frances Ellmo, and Jacob Hargis,  – Psychology students and faculty travel to VPA conference


Theatre and Dance Department

Faculty Sponsor: Gregg Stull

Students: Austin Bouchard, Evan Crump, David Denyer, Felysia Havens, Emily Burke, Kate D’Andrea, Kimberlyn Frost, Judi Jackson, Jessica Lane, Stephen Nickens, Edgar McKewen-Moreno, Taryn Snyder, Ford Torney, Samantha Wilhelm, Katherine Zeringue, Nicholas McGovern, Reid Moffatt, Chelsea Raitor, Christopher Stull, Margaret Wilder, and Jamie Wilson– Constructing Self-Investigations into the Contemporary American Theatre through Space, Form, Text, and Performativity

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