Undergraduate Research Grant Awards

Students from several departments applied for funding to attend conferences to present research, compete in academic competitions, and purchase supplies to complete research.  The current semester of faculty sponsors, the students, and the title of the projects are listed by department below.

Spring 2016 Awards

Art and Art History Department

Faculty Sponsor: Joe DiBella
Student: Hannah McConaughy – Beyond the Break

Faculty Sponsor: Jon McMillan
Student: Rachel Hendrian  – Attend the NCECA Kansas City Conference

Faculty Sponsor: Marjorie Och
Student: Eynav Ovadia  – Botticelli’s Paintings of Venus

Biological Sciences Department
Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Baker
Student: Hannah Kass– The effect of benzo[a]pyrene on the development of neurodegenerative disease in zebrafish                            Students: Leah Roth and Sara Fioretti – The effect of nutritional status on the expression of appetite-regulating genes in zebrafish

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Barra
Student: Virginia Mayo – The effect of cellular hypoxia on the killing capacity of tirapazamine in human cancer cell line MDA-MB-231

Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Lewis
Students: Sofia Di Benigno and Viraji Munshi – The effect of interleukin-12 treatment on cell viability of mouse white cells with mouse mammary tumor virus
Students: Habiba Noor and Crystal Cauley – Probiotic and Yogurt’s Effect on Lactose Intolerance

Faculty Sponsor: Abbie Tomba
Student: Teresa Nguyen– Aquatic Invertebrate Research

Economics Department
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Greenlaw
Students: Rob Wimberely, Sophia Therriault, and Ashley Rowles – Eastern Economic Association conference

Faculty Sponsor: Margaret Ray
Students: Allie Jakubek and Victoria Rudacille- Economic Scholars Program at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

English, Linguistics and Communication Department
Faculty Sponsor: Shumona Dasgupta
Student: Tess Burroughs – National conference on Undergraduate research
Student: Della Hethcox – National conference on Undergraduate research

Geography Department
Faculty Sponsor: Jackie Gallagher
Student: Xavier Griffith- Hung Out to Dry: Case studies comparing CA counties’ water management solutions to the drought for CA residents

Faculty Sponsor: Stephen Hanna
Student: Phi Devine- Transformation of Racialized American Southern Heritage Landscapes

Faculty Sponsor: Caitlin Finlayson
Student: Steve Fernando- Compete in National World Geography Bowl at annual meeting of Assoc. of American Geographers

Modern Languages and Literature Department
Faculty Sponsor: Ana Chichester
Student: Ana Johnson – MACLAS paper presentation Albalucia Angel: the short “fictional” stories of Oh Gloria Inmarcesible

Faculty Sponsor: Maria Laura Bocaz-Levia
Student: Ana Johnson – Letters from Albalucia Angel to writers of the Latin American BOOM

Faculty Sponsor: Betsy Lewis
Students: Marc Gehlsen, Heather Taylor, and Stephanie Vega – Mapping Don Quixote in 21st Century Spain

Faculty Sponsor: Marcel Rotter
Student: Nathan Anderson – The Seeds of Recession
Students: Morgan James and Kimberly Carbajo – The Seeds of Recession

Political Science and International Affairs Department
Faculty Sponsor: John Kramer
Student: Girard Bucello – The European Security Community: A Case Study of European Policy towards the Baltic States

Psychology Department
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Hampton
Students: Jenna Gray and Alyssa Stewart – Searching for Other-Race Faces: The Role of Attractiveness

Faculty Sponsor: Dave Kolar
Student: Michaela DeAsis, Katherine Hansen, and Christina Slesinger – Perceptions of Water Usage
Students: 26 Students – Student presentations at the meetings of the VA Psychological Association

Faculty Sponsor: Christine McBride
Students: Holly Aleksonis, Megan Blosser, Haley Kane, Madeline Brown – Guilt as a Consequences of Food Form-Presentation at Eastern Psych Assn.

Faculty Sponsor: Holly Schiffrin
Students: Kathryn Tsagronis, Analusia Martinez, Rebecca Cain, and Rebekah Selbrede – The effects of positive or negative self-monitoring on cognitive task performance

Faculty Sponsor: Hilary Stebbins
Students: Ashlyn Runk – Extinction Patterns of Electrodermal Activity in Response to Male Threat Stimuli

Theatre and Dance Department
Faculty Sponsor: Gregg Stull
Student: Alicia Morgan - Invited Panelist, The Puppets of Avenue Q-USITT 2016 conference

Faculty Sponsor: Gregg Stull
Student: Ford Torney – Directing Reality Really in Studio 15

Faculty Sponsor: Gregg Stull
Student: 21 Students – Telling Stories in a Digital World-Implications of Identity and Narrative on Theatrical Performity

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