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Fed up and weary of the never-ending conflict between Athens and Sparta, an Athenian housewife brings the sparring warriors to their senses and to their knees when she convinces the women of both sides to stage a sex strike to force a peaceful end to the Peloponnesian War. An ancient and steamy play first performed in 411 BCE, Lysistrata ignites a battle of the sexes and reveals that shockingly little has changed in two- and-a-half millenia. The warring men (and the women who love them) find the fight on the homefront is harder than the battlefield in this ribald comedy about war and sex and the war between the sexes!


Vivacious, visceral, spectacularly indignant . . .
—The Guardian


 Lysistrata is a sophisticated and timeless play that explores ageless ideas with suggestive language and sexual imagery.