Peter Mumford and Joshua Culhane

Peter Mumford

and Joshua Culhane

Mumford (left), and Culhane (right), as Jerry and Peter, respectively, in Fall 2012’s The Zoo Story

Peter Mumford ’12 is working hard on his senior project, playing the role of Jerry in Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story, which is being produced by Studio 115 in our black box space.  The show is going up this December, but Peter has been planning and working on this show since the Summer!  Joining him is Joshua Culhane ’16, in his first full-length production at Mary Washington.  In addition to this role, Josh will be starring as Elwood P. Dowd in this February’s production of Harvey, his first Klein Theatre production!

For more information on Studio 115, CLICK HERE!

The Department of Theatre and Dance sat the two down for an interview.

T&D: What is your major?

Peter: Theatre.

Culhane as Elwood in Spring 2013’s Harvey

Joshua: Theatre.

T&D: What’s your main focus in theatre?

Peter: Acting.

Joshua: Acting.

T&D: How did you first get involved with theatre?

Peter: I took some classes in high school. They were the only good thing about high school.

Joshua: When I was 5 I was in an amateur production of Guys and Dolls.

T&D: What is your favorite show you’ve worked on at UMW?

Peter: The Zoo Story.

Joshua: I really don’t know how to answer this considering I’ve done a total of one show here (The Zoo Story), but I’m really looking forward to Harvey.

T&D: What are your plans after graduation?

Peter: I’m moving to Memphis with my girlfriend and hopefully find some form of work there.

Joshua: Too far in the future for me to really know what my plans after graduation are.

Mumford as Bill in Fall 2011’s The Women of Lockerbie

T&D: What is your favorite word? Least favorite word?

Peter: My favorite word is Batman. I don’t have a least favorite word.

Joshua: I’ve never really thought about my favourite word, but I suppose it might be abscond. And I don’t suppose I have a least favourite word.

T&D: What is your favorite kind of candy?

Peter: Hershey Symphony.

Joshua: Chocolate. Anything chocolate.

T&D: If you could work on any play or musical, which one would it be?

Peter: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Joshua: The Producers.

T&D: Do you have any interests outside of theatre?

Peter: Comic books.

Joshua: I like writing poetry, music, video games, and spending time with friends and family.

T&D: Peter, what attracted you to The Zoo Story and the role of Jerry for your senior project?

Peter: I’ve always enjoyed the play and there’s something striking, yet very challenging about Jerry. For my senior project I thought I needed something extremely challenging that I loved to keep me focused. If it was anything easier, or a character I cared less about I might not have worked as hard as I did.

T&D: Joshua, what was it like to perform in your first full length play at UMW as a freshman?

Joshua: Doing my first show here as a freshman was pretty exciting, and a really good learning experience for me as an actor.

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