Hayden Morrissett

Hayden Morrissett

Morrissett helping with nightly cleanup as Production Assistant for Fall 2012’s Into The Woods

Hayden Morrissett ’16 goes “Into The Woods” every night to pick up the leaves used in the production!
This is just one of her many duties as Production Assistant for Into The Woods,
her first ever production with the Department of Theatre and Dance

The Department sat down with Hayden to ask her about her first semester at UMW.

Morrissett helping clean up the rehearsal space for Fall 2012’s Into The Woods

T&D: What is your major?

Hayden: My intended major is a Theatre/Business double major.

T&D: What’s your main focus in theatre?

Hayden: Stage Management.

T&D: How did you first get involved with theatre?

Hayden: I asked Gregg Stull if there were any openings… he said yes.

T&D: What is your favorite show you’ve worked on at UMW?

Hayden: I’ve only worked one, so Into The Woods.

T&D: What are your plans after graduation?

Hayden: I’m only a freshman, so I have some time to think about that one… but ideally I would go to NYC and start working.

Morrissett working with the rest of the Stage Management Team on Spring 2013’s The Tempest

T&D: What is your favorite word? Least favorite word?

Hayden: Favorite word: “Hey girl, hold please.” Least favorite word: Moist… (gah it’s just awful).

T&D: What is your favorite kind of candy?

Hayden: Mike&Ikes.

T&D: If you could work on any play or musical, which one would it be?

Hayden: Company or RENT.

T&D: Do you have any interests outside of theatre?

Hayden: I could hammock all day long… basically if trees or dogs or volunteer work, I’m into it.

T&D: What was your favorite part of working as Production Assistant for Into the Woods?

Hayden: Tony Angelini… no but really, it was a fantastic experience collaborating with such a talented group of people, and I look forward to my next experiences in the UMW Theatre Department.