There are typically 30 to 40 declared Theatre and Dance majors. Our students have excellent opportunities onstage and behind the scenes beginning in their first year. Our program is specifically designed so that instruction expands beyond the classroom to include hands-on training in every aspect of producing theatre. Whether the student’s interest is acting, scenic design, lighting design, costume design, stage management, sound design, directing, costume construction, scenic technology, or theatre management; there is a place for everyone. Our flexible major program allows students to concentrate in the area of theatre in which they have the greatest interest.

In addition to our majors, the Department of Theatre and Dance teaches approximately 600 students every semester. Non-majors play an important role in our program, participating at a performance, design, or management level. Students who are active in theatre productions register every semester for THEA 390: Theatre Practicum. This experiential learning-based course allows students to get credit for their production responsibilities onstage, backstage, and front-of-house.

If you are interested in speaking with one of our majors to get a first-hand account of their experiences here at UMW , please send an email, or call the Management Office at 540/654-2012.