About the Department

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology, on the fourth floor of Monroe Hall, comprises seven faculty members in sociology and three in anthropology. We offer majors in sociology and in anthropology, both leading to the B.A. degree. The programs are described in detail on the Anthropology Program and Sociology Program pages.

The department chair is Leslie Martin, lmartin@umw.edu.

Full-time department faculty, with their office locations, telephone numbers, and email addresses, are listed on the Faculty page. Please feel free to get in touch with any of us.

Students in the department has information about student aides in the department, student representatives to the department, and the Culture Club maintained by sociology and anthropology majors.

The department office manager is Maddison Simpson, Monroe 327. She can be reached at (540) 654-1037, email msimpso2@umw.edu. The FAX number for our department is (540) 654-1074.